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Mother’s day is around the corner, Xmas is around the corner, her birthday is around the corner…There’s always some ‘special’ day lurking around the corner ready to surprise you when you’re least ready! Right guys? So, what kind of cool gifts for women should you decide on? …

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If you have a mom or woman in your life, we have some gift ideas to help them celebrate and to keep you out of the ‘dog house.’ Whether you’re looking for something cute, practical, or even a bit quirky, we have a list that we think your wives/moms will like and use.

And with so many of those ‘days’ coming up fast, now is the perfect time to shop for your wife! Why not buy her that new gadget she has been eyeing? Or perhaps pick her up something cool and ‘out of the box.’ This post has everything from everyday items to electronics and home decor. Here are our top 10 cool gifts for women including gadgets that wives and moms are likely to Love!

#1 Breo Box

BREO Box is a product subscription service that offers a unique and exciting way to discover new and innovative products. With a subscription to BREO Box, you will receive a box filled with a selection of products that have been carefully handpicked every 3 months.

Each box contains 5-8 high-end products and contains a variety of items from health and fitness products to kitchen gadgets and more. With BREO Box, you can discover new products, save money and have fun trying out the latest products.

#2 DIY Gift Baskets

D.I.Y GIFT BASKETS. This basket company has an enormous selection for customizing your gifts.

Pamper Her: Nourish her senses with luxurious lotions, relaxing bath salts, exfoliating body scrubs, hydrating creams, and more. Accessories include coordinated bath pillows, manicure and pedicure nail-care kits, soothing eye masks, body massagers, and candles. Who needs a Day Spa?

Chocolate Lovers: The finest chocolates from Godiva, Lindt, Hershey’s, Russell Stovres, Marich, Sanders, and more are all yours! This is sure to be a big hit with the ladies in your life!

Wine lovers: Their fine wines or champagnes are included with their selection of gourmet delights. They offer a variety of greatness, including cheeses and spreads, delicious sausages, dinner olives and mustards, and tasty nuts and crackers!

#3 Homebuddy

HomeBuddy Indoor Fire pit

This HomeBuddy indoor/outdoor fire pit is a great way to liven up a space at home and outside. Might be a good idea to set the ‘mood’ with the missus too.

You can use different kinds of smokeless and odorless alcohol as fuel for these pits. They are good even for a camping adventure with the kids. You can cook some s’mores, marshmallows and other goodies with these pits.

These offer a great ambiance to any room a patio even near the pool. Easy to clean up and cleanly burns for about 2 hours, depending on room temperature and the type of alcohol used. Enjoy!

#4 The Hatch Restore

The Hatch Restore device, which is available as a separate download, includes a smart light, sound machine, sunrise alarm, meditations, and an alarm clock all in one convenient package.

Together with the free Hatch Sleep app, you can personalize a scientifically supported sleep routine to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up gently by customizing your bedtime and wake-up routine exclusively with Hatch Restore. In addition to a rich sound library and 22 color choices, only Hatch Restore makes it easy to create a bedtime and wake-up routine.

Why Buy??

1-Better night’s sleep!

2-Fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed!

3-Customise your sleep routine.

4-Gently wake to a Sunrise Alarm Clock.

#5 The Courant Catch

The Courant Catch Italian Leather Wireless Charger

HIGH TECH MEETS LUXURY DESIGN: Designed specifically to take technology to a new design level. Their clever dual wireless charging technology is enhanced by the addition of quality Italian designer leather, a strong, high-grade aluminum alloy, and a braided nylon cable demonstrating once more that technology can be cutting-edge and fashionable.

#6 Dyson Hair Dryer

Supersonic Hair Dryer by Dyson

Dyson Premium Supersonic Hair Dryer

Talking about “cool gifts for women…” This company provides top-notch design and quality products. This hair dryer is stylish with a copper and Prussian blue color outer core. It’s lightweight and comes with accessories including a storage case.

The Supersonic, according to Dyson, “is engineered to protect hair from high heat damage, with rapid drying and controlled styling to help boost smoothness by 75%, increase shine by up to 132%, and decrease frizz and flyaways by up to 61%,” according to the company’s website. Perfect for the lady in you life!

#7 Bean Box Coffee+Chocolate Tasting Kit

Coffee + Chocolate = Happiness

This Bean Box Sampler Set includes 8 types of premium roasted coffee beans that fit perfectly with 8 types of artisan chocolates.

Sip it Love it: To create the ideal tasting symphony for your taste buds, they paired excellent coffees from award-winning roasters with decadent chocolate samples.

Try out a kit today!

#8 kodak mini mobile photo printer

Kodak Mini Wifi Printer

Kodak is synonymous with pictures and they’ve gone out of their way to bring their technology into the 2020s.

GET YOUR PRINTING on the go: Any iOS or Android smartphone, tablet, or similar device can connect to the Kodak step printer [through Bluetooth or NFC] to instantly print photos; Create physical photographs from your social network posts, selfies, and other images. KODAK Instant Mobile Photo Printer, Micro USB Charging Cable, KODAK ZINK Photo Paper Starter Pack, Quick Start Guide, and Limited Warranty are all included in the package. Plus these printers come in assorted colors.

#9 cooluli skincare fridge

Keeps Cosmetics cool/warm

This Cooluli Fridge would be best for the lady that has many cosmetics. Psst…this little guy fits 4 cans of beer too…

Joking aside, if your wife has creams and lotions or mask packs they might benefit from being either cool or warm, depending on the brand.

It comes in different colors and it can be used to store anything that needs to stay at a certain temperature: breast milk, insulin, snacks, or medication.

#10 Korean Facial Masks

U-Need Face Sheets 100pcs

Well, what can I say? The Korean people are good-looking. They have great skin and great fashion…(I know I live here.) The women and the men have a consistent skincare ritual that many would envy.

These masks are very good for most skin types and are for men and women. You can have a little ‘spa’ night with the missus and both have a facial with these sheets. They are simple to use and quite fun too!

VARIOUS TYPES : (1) Aloe (2) Avocado (3) Blueberry (4) Charcoal (5) Collagen (6) Cucumber (7) Green Tea (8) Pomegranate (9) Tea Tree (10) Vitamin

You know what she likes… These are examples that I would start with these cool gifts for women and build on from there. You could combine the Cooluli+Face Sheets or have the cool Breo box delivered to her every 3 months. It depends on the occasion and what she’s into. I love thinking outside the proverbial ‘box,’ so I hope this post could be of help to you.

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