About Us

About Us

Welcome to Daddy Simply, the go-to dad blog for fathers seeking a balanced approach to wellness, personal growth, and the joy of fatherhood. With a touch of wit and a sprinkle of humor, Daddy Simply is here to support fathers all around the world on their incredible journey of raising their children.

We believe that being a dad is anything but simple, but with our unique blend of insights, experiences, and a dash of dad humor, we aim to make your fatherhood adventure a little more manageable and a lot more fun.

Our Dad Blog covers a wide range of topics that are close to a father’s heart. From navigating the beautiful complexities of raising a biracial child to embrace the wonders of an expat life, we’ve got you covered. Our articles touch upon a variety of areas that interest dads, including Fitness tips, Well-being, Stress-Management, Personal Growth, Self-Care ideas, Tips and Hacks to help you and finally Food and Beer.

Now, let’s address the name Daddy Simply. We know that being a dad is far from simple, but we believe in keeping things Kind, Involved, Super-fun, and Sage(KISS)—the principles we hold dear. As fathers, we understand that nobody handed us a playbook on how to raise a child. But fear not, we’re here to share our stories, lend an empathetic ear, and accompany you on this incredible journey, all while having a great deal of fun along the way!

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Patrick, a proud 45-year-old French-Canadian father to an energetic 6-year-old boy. Yes, I embarked on this adventure a little later in life, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. For the past 22 years, I’ve called South Korea my home, and it has stolen my heart for many reasons. I’ll be sure to touch on the wonders of this exotic locale in my posts.

Over the years, I’ve ventured into various businesses, including owning a popular pub in downtown Seoul, running an import business, and even managing a cram school. Beyond my entrepreneurial pursuits, I’m an avid gym-goer with a black belt in Kickboxing, always striving to keep the dreaded “dadbod” at bay and help others with their overall well-being.

Throughout my career, I’ve managed a team for a large corporation, taught English to executives and coached individuals to reach their personal and professional goals. I have a genuine passion for helping others succeed, and I strongly believe that every person has the potential for greatness. So, that is the reason I started this Dad Blog.

I’m also excited to announce that I’ll be launching a coaching course designed specifically to improve the lives of fathers like you in the coming months. This course will empower you to make the most of your time and enhance your overall well-being…and have fun

In addition to my entrepreneurial and coaching endeavors, I’m also an author with books available on Amazon. I’m proud of what I’ve achieved so far, and I’m determined to continue writing and sharing my experiences in the years to come. But above all, I am blessed to be married to a fantastic woman, and together, we are raising our little guy, Coco. This phase of life is truly the best, and I hope that through Daddy Simply, I can spread some of that joy and wellness to you too. After all, our little ones grow up so fast, and we must savor every moment.
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