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Fix Your Marriage

I’ve heard of marriages failing, often way too quickly, and all the yips and yaps from couples. I’m on several Dad social media sites and at times, there are serious issues within these people’s marriages. I’m not one to judge, as my marriage is great. I really hope that the dads even moms reading my blog enjoy it and that you have an equally happy marriage life. When everything(almost everything) falls into place at home, the children feel it too. Is it worth taking up counseling? Or maybe it’s time for marriage fitness.

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Where do you go from here?

In today’s world, it can be challenging to find your happy place. Being surrounded by constant stimulation through technology and social media has made it nearly impossible for us to stay disconnected from our friends and family.

The problem is, the constant bombardment of positive and negative stimuli is taking a toll on our overall happiness levels. So how can we balance the stress of daily life with the need for fulfillment that comes from being happy without burning out, not only ourselves, but our relationship too.

A key part of finding your happy place is working toward a more fulfilling relationship with your spouse. This doesn’t mean you should feel obligated to spend every waking moment with your loved one; it just means that you should make an effort to strengthen the connection rather than continuing to ignore its existence.

With marriage fitness as a starting point, you can work together as partners in order to bring healthy change into your relationship. With the right support system and outside help, couples have found that they are often able to improve their emotional well-being once they start working with outside help on a regular basis.

When should you call it quits?

When people ask, “How do you know when to call it quits?” in a marriage, oftentimes, it’s desperation that’s knocking at the front door.

If you feel like giving up on your marriage, here’s what experts recommend.

Before you decide to divorce, first try with all your might and fight for one more year.

What was that? Did you hear that?

It might take at least a year, so please try for at least one year. …Really try.

It’s okay to call it quits. You always have that option. Once you pull the trigger, it’s over. Your life will never be the same. Are you married with children? If so, their life will never be the same. Think before acting! Your lives depend on it…literally.

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If DEEP down in your mind, you know that there’s no hope and that there’s no question of whether or not to end your marriage, you need to think about whether or not you tried your best to mend it… You don’t want to ever wonder, “What if this occurred… What if that occurred… What if I attempted this… What if I attempted that?” ‘What IFs’ are bad.

You really want to know, deep down, that you did everything you could to keep your marriage working before deciding to end it.

Upgrade Yourself. It’s Vital

You want to be able to move on with your life and into another relationship once you have ended yours, and you want to be in a position where you are “completed.” This is crucial! It may take a year or two to accomplish this, but it’s an investment in the future that I would never regret. And that is why marriage fitness is HIGHLY recommended.

The key point is this. Make sure you listen carefully. If you turn your marriage around, it is a good investment. However, it will not have been a wasted year if you don’t. It will have been the most important thing you could have done with that year because of how your efforts will impact the rest of your life and your next relationship.

Unfortunately, there are too many cases where spouses prematurely end their marriages, and as a result, end up in the same predicament a few years later with someone else.

Sometimes working with marriage coaching has more beneficial consequences for them in their next relationship than in their current one.

I’m not saying that your goal while working on your marriage should be to benefit your post-nuptial life. Your goal should be to restore your current relationship, but if you fall short, your efforts will not have been in vain.

365 days! Give it at least that…

The bottom line is this. If you’re asking, “When should I call it quits?” The answer is: One year after you believe you’ve tried everything possible to make your union work. If you remain unhappy after a year of trying everything possible to make your love work, think about moving on. In the meantime, don’t give up.

It’s never too late to save your marriage! Sometimes the terrritble moment is when a couple hits rock bottom, and sometimes it’s not until things get so bad that they can improve.

I wish you and your spouse the best of what life has to offer. If you’d like further information to help with your marriage, then subscribe to this FREE breakthrough report “7 Secrets to a Stronger Marriage” and get a FREE marriage assessment too.

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