Ultimate List Of Chores For 5 Year old Kid

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List Of Chores Galore!

Let’em Choose

Doing housework can help your child learn about cooperating with others and build a good work ethic.

Let your kid have a choice on which tasks they have to do.

He might choose something that no one likes doing, if the child is ok doing it, the more power to him.

Like dusting! Let him dust, it’s easy, safe, and prevents ‘daddy’ from doing it.

Easy List Of Chores For Kids 5

Load dirty clothes in the washing machine

Help fold laundry

Make some toast or butter our bread

Pick up Toys


Easy List Of Chores For Kids 5

Setting the table for meals

Wipe down table after eating

Help put groceries away

Arranging the shoe area

Bring in mail or newspaper

Easy List Of Chores For Kids 5

Sweep floor

Make the bed

Water Plants

Trimming the branches

Fill pet's food dish

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