8 Potty Training Tips For Boys

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Are You Ready?

Potty training boys…!

Is your son ready?

Are there signs of readiness?

The best way to know when your son is ready to do ‘peepee’ or ‘poopie' alone at the toilet is to listen to him.

Although most children are potty trained by the age of 4, in the United States, it’s important to know that all kids are very different.  Some kids start as early as 18 months old! No judging, no comparing on this one, your son will go do the ‘do’ when the time is right! It’s a big deal!

No More Diapers!


Keep in mind he’s never aimed at a toilet before. Depending on his age he might still be too wobbly on his legs or even too short to reach over the rim of the toilet bowl.  So he might need physical support or have a little urinal while attempting his aim.  It might take a long time to get adjusted but that’s why you’re there as professional help.


If you haven’t started a routine yet, set a start date.  It’s an important milestone in your boy’s life. Make it awesome.

Remember this is all NEW to your son.

He’ll get the hang of all this in no time, but during the unknown phase, he needs to be comfortable with his surroundings.

This might include closing the door, keeping the door open, having a parent present, or having no one present!


Sitting Vs Standing Method

If your son is too weak or too short to stand while urinating, you can try to have him sit down in the beginning until he can stand and do it.

Make sure that you are giving him a hand so that he doesn’t fall into the water, as your little one might be small enough to fall through.

A good idea is to get the one that has a 3-minute time frame. It’s great for keeping track and letting him know that 3 minutes is a limit that you put on.  Of course, he will often take more than 3 minutes, this is mostly for ‘show’ and routine building.

Get An Hourglass(A Sand Clock)

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