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30+ Wellness Activities For Kids And Ideas For Parents


Allow everyone to make a joint family baking project of their choice. Trying to keep the healthy baking for kids ‘theme’. Anything delicious and bakeable, such as cookies, cakes, muffins, or pastries, could be used!




Depending on the space you have, you can start a small vegetable, herb, or flower garden.

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Story Time

Try acting out a beloved story instead of just reading it to interest the whole family! You’ll all become involved in the story, and you’ll all have a wonderful memory to cherish forever.


Board Games

You can design your own games, such as themed charades or scavenger hunts, or print a snakes and ladders game you can find online. Play by your own rules and let your creativity run wild.


Dumpling Night

It’s dumpling night! We love dumplings and they are easy to make.

It’s a great part of a healthy diet too.


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Watch A Movie

Settle in with plenty of snacks and finger foods and spend the day watching a movie series. The best part is the pajamas…stay in them!


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Dance Party

Create a playlist with all of your favorite music, and then throw a dance party, simply you and your child! Shake out all of your problems by going bonkers and enjoying yourself.


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