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Sturdy Wooden Rocking Horse

Younger ones love rocking

A child’s wooden rocking horse, is what you might envision, a toy for your child that resembles a horse with rockers attached. These rockers, work like old-style rocking chairs, enabling a child to rock and ride, back and forth. Your child will feel like they are riding a real horse, with this type of riding toy, which makes it popular with most children.  

Some people still call the rocking horse a “hobby horse,” referring to the toy consisting of a stick and a head of a horse attached to it. 

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Your child can sit and ride on a small wooden rocking horse. These rocking horses might be small, but most of them are strong and sturdy enough to hold the child’s weight. My son rode his until he was 4 years old or so. It’s important to check all the safety standards of the wooden rocking horse you will invest in. 

They are not only beautiful to look at but they are also fun to ride for the kids…and daddy too. Shh~ don’t tell mommy.

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my son having fun

Variation galore!

A child’s rocking horse is a toy that comes in several variations, from the plastic versions mounted up on springs to the wooden versions that rock like grandma’s rocking chairs. These riding toys make your child believe that he or she is riding a real horse and are usually very popular with most children. 

There are different types of horses depending on age. You can even buy wooly mammoths to ride or other stuffed animals. This post revolves around good quality wooden rocking horses, as that’s what my son had and he really enjoyed it, and I like to keep it simple. But the others mentioned look fun as well and might be more appealing for some families.

The wooden rocking horses available today usually look like a typical horse with a head, legs, back, and tail, but the hooves on the bottom are replaced with rockers. These rockers permit forward and backward motion as your child rocks on the horse’s ‘hooves.’

The child’s wooden rocking horse also sometimes has proper footrests or straps which serve as stirrups. Your child can place his feet firmly into these stirrups. There are normally two handles at the sides of the horse from the head portion, and your child can hold on to them with a firm grip while rocking on the toy.

Wooden Rocking Horse Toy

The first known child’s rocking horse dates back to the Middle Ages. Initially, such horses were made for knights to practice jostling. Later on, Germany made such wooden rocking horses as children’s toys in the late 17th century or early 18th century. At that time, only the wealthiest could afford such toys for their children. How times have changed.

However, in later years, the child’s wooden rocking horse became common in every household all over the world. These toys are now often in the attic after the children outgrow them, as a result of the popularity of other toys like little army men, slime, and Pororo.  But despite the popularity of other toys like Hello Carbot, phone games, and puzzles, the simple rocking horse is still as alluring as ever for younger children.

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Invest in one today!

I heard, from older ladies, that you can use these child’s rocking horses to rock your child to sleep. I’ve never tried this but I could see how it could help. Some of them are padded enough to make them comfortable for your child to sit and rock. Some have reins and cloth saddles, as well as padded manes. 

The colors of today’s rocking horses are far from the traditional gray or brown shades. You can get rocking horses in a wide range of colors, from vibrant to light. Leather, fabric, and other leather-like accessories are also available but we had the classic wooden one at our place. It’s nice to look at and it went well with our decor.

The prices vary widely with these types of rocking toys, but you don’t need to pay ‘an arm and a leg’ for these. Remember to make sure to keep an eye on children younger than four years as they ride it because accidents can occur.

Develop Mobility and Motor Skills 

It has been shown that your baby and toddler’s motor skill development is critical as part of early childhood development. Most of us can probably identify the physical advantage of a rocking toy in terms of fostering fine motor abilities. Rocking horses teach the usage of their different muscle groups, particularly their upper body. Sitting and standing on the horse forces the child to hold themselves upright.

Never undervalue a baby’s ability to learn fine motor skills using a wooden rocking horse. The coordination of the hands, arms, and legs is encouraged by manipulating the handlebars and by positioning their body parts (such as their legs and arms) in the appropriate locations on the rocking horse. These horses also help with stability, balance, and the continuous rhythmic effect. 

Lifetime of Play…

Wooden rocking horses are a classic toy for kids that stood the test of time, and for good reason. They’re fun and entertaining, and they make a great gift for toddlers and kids of all ages. Not only are they fun to play with, but wooden rocking horses are also durable and long-lasting and are wonderfully detailed artwork

In addition, they make the perfect gift for kids who are looking for something fun and educational. Not only do they teach kids how to rock back and forth, but they also help with 

kids’ imaginative play as well as hand-eye coordination.

If you’re looking for wooden toys that your child will love, is the place to go. They carry a wide variety of wooden rocking horses made from durable materials. So searching online will ensure you’ll find a real showstopper for your child.  I truly believe it will be a great purchase and a truly special gift for your child as well as for you.

++Make sure that you find sellers that offer solid wood with the highest safety standards.

Rock on~!

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