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What are these Carbots?

Overview: A young boy named Chatan discovers a Rubik’s Cube that, when solved, will summon talking cars that can transform into robots known as carbots(Hello Carbot.) He frequently tries to finish impossible tasks, thwart malevolent plans, avoid calamities, and fulfill daily chores while keeping the carbots’ existence a secret, but whenever he solves the cube, the carbots are summoned back. Villains were later added for stories in the series.

The animation has been popular here in Korea since starting in 2014. It’s kind of a ‘Transformers’ that my generation grew up with in the 80’s. My son has taken a liking to all these cool Hello Carbot characters. They are easy to find here in South Korea, but less known in the West. I’ve added some links to my son’s favorite Hello Carbot toys for you to see. You watch Netflix as it’s showing different Seasons of the Hello Carbot series.

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My Son’s top 4 characters

Here listed are only 4 of my son’s favorite characters from the TV show. He gets mesmerized when he plays with these guys and I often jump in to help him transform them when help is needed and also go along with his storyline.


He’s one of the original and main Hello Carbot characters. He’s a blue Hyundai Grandeur and he is well known to be quick-witted but self-centered.


He is an orange dune buggy with a robot form of a dragon. His rocket boosters are identical to those of the Carbots, but his fireballs are capable of sustaining flight for a longer period (and as dragons do, they spew fireballs). Goldrex can also transform into a blizzard-leveling fire rescue version of his vehicle mode, and in this form, his fire breath is replaced with the ability to spew blizzard-level snowstorms.


A black and red supercar. Zetren is exceptionally proficient at fencing and swordplay, thanks to his wind-cutting “Jet Sword Wave,” which he uses as his trump card. Despite his skill in swordsmanship, though, Zetren is an efficient but unusual carbot who uses a scepter in battle and lacks driver knowledge.


Pon is an orange sports car that has skills like a ninja. I’m not too sure about this guy’s abilities, my son knows more than me but he was one of the original Hello Carbot ‘good guys.’


As a father of an active boy, I know how he feels when he’s playing with his toys because I was like him 40 years ago. The imagination runs wild with potential and adventure. Having these Carbots in the house brings me back to when I did the same thing with my own ‘Transformers.’ They are fun and they transform!

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