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diaper change with baby wipe
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What quantity of baby wipes do I need?

Are you curious about how many disposable wipes(baby wipes) you should purchase before your baby’s arrival?

When my son was born, I had no idea that 10 packs of baby wipes were just the beginning. It was only a tiny part of what I needed.  We stacked up on those and they were all over the cupboards and in every room in the house.

If I had the chance to go back and purchase something differently before I had my boy, I would be sure to get a ton of wipes! Buying larger quantities of baby stuff can also be more cost-effective in the long run. You can save money  by determining how many of these baby wipes are required in the next month and year

To start, we’ll figure out the number of baby wipes required, calculating the daily amount and then the total for the first twelve months.

How many individual wipes in each package of baby wipes?

What is the typical quantity of baby wipes contained within a package? I loved baby wipes, and still love them ’till this day.

The quantity of wipes in a pack varies by brand, with Huggies and Pampers typically offering 56 wipes per package, while Wet Wipes typically have 60 wipes per container.

Pampers offers different numbers of wipes per pack as do many other companies.  Here in Korea, we used packs of 80-count wipes.

How many baby wipes do we need?
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How frequently should I use baby wipes?

In the baby’s first year, the amount of baby wipes they need daily can range from 30 to more. This will depend on the number of babies they have. But, it will honestly be so different for everyone. I have a boy, for example, so if you have a girl, you might need extra wipes even after only a little peepee. 

If you are using wipes to clean the changing mat between changes or using a generous number of wipes when dealing with a soiled diaper, you may find yourself running out of wipes more quickly.

The National Health Service(NHS) states that the average frequency of changing a soiled or wet diaper for a newborn infant is 10-12 times a day. **We will keep it at a round number of 10 for this article**

At every diaper change, you will probably require somewhere between one and five wipes. You’ll only need one if the diaper is merely wet, but if there is any mess to clean up, a few more will be necessary. 

It’ll vary

It will vary a great deal due to the quality of the wipe, the size, and the thickness as well. 

The poop of newborn infants can be quite tiny in size, however, it can be quite messy due to its liquid consistency. (I seriously just got flashbacks of my son’s poop from 6 years ago)

A really explosive diaper change might require an extra one – this would be for those moments when the poop covers the baby’s back, and some of it even ends up on the changing pad.  Oh, Oh, Oh these are meme-worthy kinda diaper changes. 

Assuming you’re using three wipes per diaper change, it is estimated that you would use around 30 wipes per day. 30! That’s only for diaper changes…

When babies are first born, they are expected to have frequent and runny bowel movements. As the infant matures, they will produce less waste and the consistency of their poop will become more solid once they start eating solid foods.

What is the magic number of baby wipes used in a month?

There’s no magic number. The use of wipes will depend on the different brands. A newborn baby will require approximately 900 baby wipes per month, while an older baby may need fewer, around 480.

It is estimated that for an infant, one should use about 8-16 packages of wipes, each containing 56 wipes, per month. Crazy right? When you break things down like this… How did our parents live without these precious wet wipes? I’ll never know.


How many will I need to have on hand during the first year?

The amount of wipes you’ll need in the initial year may differ depending upon several elements, yet you’ll utilize around 8,280 wipes. Please bear in mind that this is just for diaper changes.

In total, you would require approximately 148 bundles of wipes if each bundle contains 56 wipes. 

If you are more generous with the wipes, you may require more. I personally made use of a great deal of these as my son’s diapers were often very soiled and I would much rather grab a new one than attempt to fold the one I had been using before and reuse it. My wife hated that, as the wipes are not environmentally friendly… (that’s another blog post altogether)…

If you’re in the habit of cleaning your little one’s high chair with wipes after they are done eating or when their face needs to be cleaned – something many parents do – then you will be going through a lot of them.

At six months, infants may require around three wipes per meal, bringing the total of wipes needed up to 1,620.

How much of a reserve of wipes do We Need?

You can acquire a full year’s worth of baby wipes in advance of your little one’s arrival since the product does not have an expiration date.

The shelf life of baby wipes is usually two years, but this may decrease if they are stored in a warm environment or if the packaging is not sealed until use. 

Before purchasing a truckload of baby wipes for the first year of your little one’s life, you should take into account the difficulty of storing 148 packs of wipes which would be needed for an entire year.

Keep it simple. Buy 1 month’s worth at a time. Don’t overdo it.

How many wipes should I purchase?

Before the birth of your child, it would be prudent to purchase enough baby wipes to last approximately a month. Doing so for a newborn typically equals 16 packs of wipes. 

Anticipating the needs of your newborn by obtaining baby stuff in large quantities will prevent you from ‘running like Forest Gump’ to get those essentials when you find yourself without them.

During the initial weeks after a baby’s birth, it is good to be able to take it easy, so it is beneficial to decrease the number of items you may need to hurry out and purchase. Enjoy the time with your little one…It’s the best time!

Strategies for reducing expenditures on baby wipes

There are a variety of methods to economize on baby wipes as your child grows from infancy to beyond.

1-Purchasing a large number of items at one time

Using Costco or some online shop to make sure you’re stacked up and ready for the poop show! 

2-Opt for supermarket-brand wipes

Get the cheaper brands, No brand, No names, or your local supermarket’s brand name will be much cheaper than the big brand names.  If you look at the total cost across the span of an entire year, the difference is tremendous.

At a certain point, I preferred hard plastic lids for wipes even though they cost more. This was due to their convenience in sealing them shut and their ability to keep the wipes from drying out quickly. I still can’t stand the flimsy paper lids given by some lesser-known brands.

We use the brand called Green Finger here in Korea, but I’m sure that similar lower-cost brands are available where you live.

It’s beneficial to compare prices and products to ensure you find something cost-effective and satisfactory for your infant. If the baby has delicate skin, you may opt for a brand like Water Wipes that is designed to be extra gentle.

3-Make your own Natural Baby Wipes

(taken from my blog post 10-natural-ways-to-care-for-your-babys-skin/

Baby wipes are everywhere and are a staple in a skincare routine for kids. Have you seen new parents without them in their car or purse(murse)? Nope. It’s a good idea to keep a pack of wipes handy at all times. 

Here is some information on how you can make your wipes at home and doesn’t cost a lot of money. Homemade natural baby wipes are easy to create and are great for wiping their body and bottom. They are also great to tackle cute little little baby poop. 

Cut a roll of strong paper towels (Viva is excellent) in half. Remove the cardboard inner roll from it. Combine two cups of water with 1/4 cup sweet almond oil and 1/4 cup organic baby wash for a simple wiping solution. Pour the mixture over the Viva roll and store it in a container. POOF! You just made some handy natural baby wipes.

To make another simple wiping solution, combine a cup of warm chamomile tea and dissolve a teaspoon of honey. Honey is an antiseptic that keeps your baby’s bottom clean and may assist in treating existing diaper rash due to its natural properties. Let the mixture cool down and use it to wipe your lil’ one’s sensitive skin! These are great for avoiding skin irritation and might help with diaper rashes. 

Just Wing-it

Good luck and have fun! The poopy diaper phase does not last that long. As a busy parent, it sometimes seems overwhelming, but with a little practice and lots of patience and love, you’ll become a natural.

When the time comes you can read my article about potty training…The good news is potty training comes fast!

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