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“I have no time.” excuses, excuses!

In this hectic world, it is difficult to find time to devote to your child due to work, home chores and social engagements. Nevertheless, it is essential that your child receives quality family time with you. Quality family time helps build a strong relationship between you and your child, and lets them know they can depend on you.

Log off…often

First things first…get off your phone…make them get off their phone. Phones are a great tool for learning and entertainment but they don’t belong in the same sentence or post about ‘quality family time’. Go offline as often as possible, not only will you be a healthier or proactive parent, your kids will mimic you. Phones Down!

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Kids that Excel!

Kids that spend quality time with their parents are more successful in school and in activities such as hobbies and sports. It should be planned to an extent, but also happens unexpectedly. Because of this, it is important to spend as much time with your child as possible in a relaxed manner and do things you both enjoy.

You are probably wondering, “How can I find time with such a busy schedule?” To make the most of your time and find quality time, you must prioritize. Make an effort not to finish certain household chores, or do them imperfectly, in order to make more family time. Take advantage of everyday routines together such as singing silly songs in the car or chatting about your child’s life in the car.

If you have multiple children, try to give each of them individual attention. You may have to adjust your schedule, but it is important to be creative when spending time with each one. Schedule quality times for all of your children to make sure they do not feel neglected.

You can take a walk with your kids after dinner, take them shopping, go fly a kite, have a family dinner night, or go to the park. Or all of these combined! Keep it simple…really.

Improvise: family quality time

For a few years now, I’ve been following my son on his Strider Balance bike. I’m kicking away on my kickboard scooter, yes I’m THAT dad that has THAT scooter, ’cause I’m cool like that. But having my own ‘toy’ and following my son around town gave me that extra bonding time with him, instead of simply walking or taking pics of him on his bike. I made that quality family time mean something for both of us.

Make it count..Whatever it might be. Think about “how will my child remember me in the future?” Lazy parent, Fun parent, always on the phone parent, grumpy parent, active parent…? Your kids will pass down whatever they learned from you to their kids.

No? 100% yes. I’m sure you’re doing similar things that mom and dad used to do to you. So spend that time with them now!

Think before speaking. Think before acting and think of what you should do now to be more ‘available.’ They are only young once, so enjoy it while you can. You can never regain lost time…

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