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Beautiful Japanese Names

Choosing a name for your child is an exciting and important decision. If you’re looking for a unique and meaningful name, why not consider Japanese names that have awesome connotations? These names have a deep and intriguing quality that can make your child’s name stand out.

I’ve put this article together for my readers as I think many Japanese names are cool to pronounce and always have deep meaning behind them. So please go through this huge list of Japanese boy and girl names that mean dark and many others. 

From popular names to lesser-known gems, you’re sure to find the perfect name for your little one. I’ve also included a mix-and-match of some favorite names at the end of my article to give you a wider choice. Explore the list provided, and let the beauty of the Japanese language guide you to an unforgettable name for your child. 

Keep in mind that the Japanese language has 3 distinct types of characters: Katakana, Hiragana, and Kangi. So the names mentioned might differ greatly depending on their context and characters. 

Psst… I have my name tattooed on my shoulder with Katakana letters. Cool stuff… Read on~~

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Popular Japanese Names Meaning Darkness

Japan’s rich cultural heritage is flooded with symbolism, and the concept of darkness holds various meanings and mysterious connotations. Whether you’re drawn to the mysterious allure of the night sky or the deep blue of the ocean, there are different ways to catch the jet black darkness in a name. Here are some dark-themed Japanese Names that might be of interest! 

Please note that these names have different meanings and interpretations, and their associations with their meaning may vary. Please do your own research on these names before making any big decisions on paper. 

Japanese Boy Names Meaning Darkness

  1. Faia – Fire
  2. Hi – Flame or blaze
  3. Hinote – Flame or blaze
  4. Kai – Ocean
  5. Kuro – Black(Unique Choice)
  6. Kuragari – Darkness
  7. Mitsuo – Shining man
  8. Raiden – Thunder and lightning
  9. Yoru – Night(gender-neutral name)

Japanese Girl Names Meaning Darkness

  1. Yoru – Night
  2. Akuma – Devil
  3. Kurayami – Night’s Darkness
  4. Kurai – Gloomy
  5. Yami – Darkness
  6. Hoshiko – Star child
  7. Kokoro – Heart
  8. Kokushoku – Black color
  9. Kuroko – Black child

Please note that these names have different meanings and interpretations, and their associations with darkness may vary.

Unique Japanese Names Inspired by Folklore

Japanese mythology and folklore are filled with fascinating characters and stories. Getting inspiration from these ancient tales can give your child’s name a mythical and enchanting quality. Here are some Japanese boy and girl names rooted in mythology.

Japanese Boy Names Inspired by Mythology

  1. Amaterasu – Goddess of the sun
  2. Susano – God of storms and the sea
  3. Ryujin – Dragon god of the sea
  4. Hachiman – God of war and archery
  5. Izanagi – God of creation
  6. Kitsune – Fox Spirit
  7. Tengu – Mythical creature with wings and a long nose
  8. Yamato – Ancient name for Japan
  9. Tsukuyomi – God of the moon
  10. Ame-no-Uzume – Goddess of dawn and mirth

Girl Names Inspired by Japanese Folklore

  1. Amaterasu – Goddess of the sun
  2. Himiko – Legendary shaman queen
  3. Kaguya – Princess from the moon
  4. Yuki-onna – Snowwoman
  5. Tomoe – Brave and strong woman
  6. Uzume – Goddess of dawn and mirth
  7. Ayame – Iris flower

Japanese Names with Beautiful Meanings

On top of names that specifically mean “dark,” there are many Japanese names with beautiful and poetic meanings. These names give you a sense of elegance, nature, and positivity. Here are some Japanese boy and girl names with lovely meanings.

Popular Japanese Boy Names 

  1. Haruki – Shining sun
  2. Kazuki – Peaceful hope
  3. Ren – Lotus
  4. Takumi – Artisan, skilled
  5. Haru – Spring
  6. Yukio – Snow child
  7. Hiroshi – Generous
  8. Daiki – Great Glory
  9. Kaito – Ocean flight
  10. Akihiro – Bright autumn

Japanese Girl Names

  1. Hana – Flower
  2. Kaori – Fragrance
  3. Sakura – Cherry blossom
  4. Aya – Colorful
  5. Emi – Beautiful blessing
  6. Miyu – Beautiful moon
  7. Natsuki – Summer hope

More Dark Japanese Boy Names 

  1. Akuma – Devil
  2. Antantaru – Gloomy
  3. Daku – Dark
  4. Inei – Shadow or gloom

Japanese Girl Names Meaning Darkness

  1. Ankoku – Gloom, shadow, opaque, or blackness
  2. Kurai – Gloomy
  3. Mei – Dark

Please note that the meanings of these names can vary and may have different associations in Japanese culture. Also, many names repeat in both sexes as they are gender-neutral.

Names With Other Meanings

Japanese Character black on white

Baby Boys Names

Hiroto: Big, vast, dark

Yamiyo: Dark night

Masaru: Victory, dark

Yamiichi: Dark market

Sora: Sky, empty

Kage: Shadow

Tatsu: Dragon

Raiden: Thunder and lightning

Akio: Bright man, hero

Kokuei: Black shadow

Yukio: Blessing, hero

Inei: Shadow picture

Tasuku: Help

Yashiro: Shinto shrine

Yamiaki: Dark fire

Hayato: Falcon person

Masaaki: Bright light

Yamiru: Darkness

Masaki: True brightness

Tatsuya: Dragon arrow

Ryuu: Dragon

Kurogane: Iron

Daisuke: Great help

Yaminori: Darkness law

Hikaru: Light Source

Tetsuya: Iron arrow

Subaru: Pleiades

Hiroshi: Generous

Jirou: Second son

Tarou: Big son

Noboru: Rise, ascend

Michi: Path

Seiji: Quiet child

Eiji: Eternal ruler

Yusei: Brave and wise

Japanese Sakura cherry blossoms

Favorite Japanese Names

Kouki: Light

Shiro: Fourth son

Satoshi: Clear thinking

Masayuki: Correct happiness

Yoriaki: Integrity brightness

Kuroishi: Black stone

Hayate: Strong, sudden wind

Asahi: Morning sun

Yukito: Snow

Yashira: Gift

Shou: Soar, fly

Yamino: Of Darkness

Ryouta: Cool, refreshing

Yuuki: Courage

Hiroaki: Spacious brightness

Masanori: Model of righteousness

Masashi: Righteous ambition

Katsuro: Victory son

Tadashi: Loyal, faithful

Kazuo: Harmonious man

Takeshi: Warrior

Kenji: Intelligent ruler

Makoto: Sincerity

Yoshi: Good, respectful

Shinji: True second son

Kaito: Ocean, sky

Haruto: Sun flying

Renjiro: Love and second son

Kuroda: Black rice field

Jin: Benevolence, confidentiality

Shiroi: White

Daichi: Great wisdom

Shinya: Genuine night

Haruki: Shining brightly

Rokuro: Sixth son

Yoriyasu: Integrity and peace

Hideki: Excellent timber trees

Kichirou: Lucky son

Michio: Man on the righteous path

Cute Japanese Girl in Kimono standing next to a window

More Popular Japanese Girl Names

Kuro: Black

Kurai: Dark

Yamiaki: Dark fire

Yaminori: Darkness law

Yamino: Of Darkness

Kuroishi: Black stone

Shiroi: White

Yumeko: Dreamy child

Akari: Light

Yamiha: Night blade

Yumemi: Dream

Yamihi: Dark sun

Yume: Dream

Yuka: Gentle flower

Yumiko: Beautiful dream child

Akira: Bright, clear

Yuuna: Gentle

Saya: Swift arrow

Akahana: Red flower

Hana: Flower

Haruka: Distant, far off

Kurogitsune: Black fox

Rei: Beautiful

Ayame: Iris

Kurobara: Black rose

Kaede: Maple leaf

Aika: Love song

Hikari: Light

Yumi: Archery bow

Akane: Deep red, dye from the rubia plant

Yuriko: Lily child

Anzu: Apricot

Yurina: Lily

Akemi: Bright beautiful

Ai: Love

Miyuki: Beautiful Happiness

Traditional Japanese area with read wall

More Interesting Names

Kurohana: Black flower

Rina: Jasmine

Saki: Blossom, hope

Midori: Green

Misa: Beautiful sand

Nana: Seven

Yua: Binding love

Minako: Beautiful child

Nanami: Seven seas

Suzu: Bell

Mio: Beautiful cherry blossom

Sora: Sky

Rin: Dignified

Mizuki: Beautiful moon

Nozomi: Hope

Chieko: Child blessed with wisdom

Kanako: Child of the reed fields

Asuka: Fragrance, tomorrow

Kiyomi: Pure beauty

Megumi: Blessing, grace

Ayumi: Walk, path

Natsumi: Summer beauty

Haruka: Distant, far off

Kaori: Fragrance

Ayaka: Colorful flower

Kanna: Summer

Haruna: Spring Vegetables

More Interesting Meanings
10 Most Common Japanese Male Names!

Hiroshi (寛): Meaning “generous” or “tolerant,” Hiroshi is a widely used Japanese name.

Takeshi (武): Meaning “warrior,” Takeshi is a popular name with a strong and noble connotation.

Takashi (隆): Takashi means “prosperous” or “noble,” and it’s a common name in Japan.

Masashi (雅史): This name combines characters meaning “elegant” or “graceful” with “history” or “chronicle.”

Toshio (俊夫): Toshio carries the meaning of “intelligent” or “clever” combined with “man” or “husband.”

Yoshio (良夫): Yoshio translates to “good” or “excellent” man.

Kazuki (一樹): Kazuki is a combination of “one” or “first” and “tree,” symbolizing vitality or growth.

Satoshi (聡): Meaning “wise” or “clever,” Satoshi is a popular name with positive attributes.

Ryota (涼太): Ryota combines characters meaning “refreshing” or “cool” with “thick” or “big,” often used to evoke a sense of refreshing breeze.

Ryosuke (涼介): Ryosuke consists of characters meaning “cool” or “refreshing” and “assist” or “mediate.”

More Baby Girls Names 10 Most Common Japanese Female Names!

Yui (結衣): Yui is a popular name for girls in Japan, meaning “binding” or “tie.”

Sakura (桜): Sakura, meaning “cherry blossom,” is a classic and beloved Japanese name.

Yuna (優菜): Yuna combines characters meaning “gentle” or “superior” with “greens,” representing elegance and grace.

Riko (莉子): Riko consists of characters meaning “jasmine” or “pearl” and “child,” conveying purity and beauty.

Rio (莉央): Rio combines characters meaning “jasmine” or “pearl” with “center,” often symbolizing excellence or prominence.

Aoi (葵): Aoi means “hollyhock” or “blue” in Japanese, and it’s a popular name for girls.

Hina (陽菜): Hina combines characters meaning “sunshine” or “light” with “greens,” suggesting warmth and vitality.

Kokoro (心): Kokoro translates to “heart” or “spirit” in Japanese and is a beautiful and meaningful name choice.

Haruka (遥): Haruka means “distant” or “far off” and is often associated with a sense of openness or freedom.

Ayaka (彩花): Ayaka combines characters meaning “color” or “colorful” with “flower,” evoking a sense of beauty and vibrancy.

Did You Make a Choice?

Choosing the best name for your child is a huge undertaking. It’s one of the biggest decisions as a parent. No joke eh? Japanese names that mean “dark” or other deep meanings offer a unique and cool option. Whether you’re inspired by the concept of darkness, mythology, or beautiful meanings, there is a Japanese name that will give you what you’re seeking. 

You can use this list of Japanese baby names as a guide in popular culture and choose a cool name for your little one. It’s important to stick with a unique name that will be timeless, not a fad.

I’m a French-Canadian living in South Korea and there are plenty of cool Korean boy names but I decided on an Arabic name for my son. It’s Jamil, it means beautiful. It’s well-received here and it’s pronounced the same in English, Korean, or French.

Voila! I hope these dark Japanese names suit you and your family and if not you can choose the lighter ones I’ve also included. I might make an article on cool Korean names too. 

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