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First off. Yes, this is a ‘Dad’ blog but hey we’re human~~ I also talk from experience as I was half-owner of a popular pub here in Seoul along with the founder of… So, I know a little about beer and cocktail party games…

Cocktail parties are a perfect way for adults to unwind, socialize, and enjoy the company of friends and family. To elevate the fun factor, incorporating entertaining games can break the ice, boost laughter, and create unforgettable memories.

Whether you’re hosting a laid-back gathering or an elegant soirée, we have made a list of adult party games guaranteed to enliven the atmosphere and keep your guests engaged, and simply have a good time.

You can use these with discretion. You will have a different list of party games according to which group of people are attending. If you have a large group or small group, close friends or team members from work, things will be slightly different. 

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Best Party Games For You

People playing Twister for Cocktail games
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This classic game needs zero introduction. 

Flaviar Tasting Club
Image: Flaviar

Mixology Showdown

Raise the bar with a Mixology Showdown, where your guests become amateur bartenders. Set up a well-stocked drink station with various spirits, mixers, fresh fruits, and garnishes. Divide your guests into teams and provide them with a list of unique cocktails they need to create.

Each team can showcase their mixing skills, and a panel of judges or the guests themselves can vote for the best concoction. The winning team gets bragging rights and a “Mixologist Champion” trophy.

People around a camp fire talking

Celebrity Charades

Put a twist on the classic charades game by incorporating celebrity names and movie titles. Write down the names of famous actors, musicians, or iconic movie titles on slips of paper and place them in a bowl. Divide your guests into two teams and take turns acting out the celebrity names without speaking.

The team that correctly guesses the most names within a time limit wins the round.

wine tasting
Photo by Pavel Danilyuk

Wine Tasting Challenge

If you’re hosting a cocktail party with a wine theme, arrange a blind wine tasting challenge. Choose a selection of different wines, ensuring a mix of reds, whites, and rosés. Cover the labels with numbered sleeves, and provide tasting cards for your guests to rate each wine’s aroma, taste, and overall impression.

At the end of the challenge, reveal the wines’ identities and crown the “Wine Connoisseur” who guessed the most correctly.

ringmaster of the shit show wine glass
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More Cocktail Party Ideas

Who Am I? – Cocktail Edition

A boozy twist on the classic “Who Am I?” game, Cocktail Edition adds an amusing element. Write down the names of various cocktails or alcoholic beverages on sticky notes and place them on each guest’s forehead without revealing what’s written. Guests take turns asking yes-or-no questions to figure out their drink’s identity. The first person to guess their cocktail wins, and the game continues until everyone has figured out their drink.

speak truth sign
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Truth or Dare – Mixology Edition

Create a unique blend of Truth or Dare and mixology. Have a deck of cards, with each card featuring a “Truth” or “Dare” challenge related to cocktail-making or party antics. Guests take turns drawing cards and must either answer a revealing “Truth” question or complete a fun “Dare” challenge, such as creating a new cocktail on the spot or dancing to a random song. Prepare for hilarious revelations and memorable moments.

Stick Figure
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Cocktail Pictionary

Inject artistic flair into your cocktail party with Cocktail Pictionary. Use a whiteboard or large paper sheets and markers to create a makeshift drawing area. Divide guests into teams and give each team a turn to draw cocktail-related words or phrases while their teammates guess within a time limit. The team with the most correct guesses wins the game and a coveted spot on the “Pictionary Champions” wall.

Bingo Game Prep
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Mix and Mingle Bingo

Engage your guests in a Mix and Mingle Bingo game to encourage networking and interaction. Create Bingo cards with different descriptions, such as “Has visited three countries,” “Speaks more than two languages,” or “Can juggle.” Guests must find individuals who match the descriptions and have them sign the corresponding square. The first person to complete a line or full card wins a prize, encouraging mingling and laughter.

Woman writing down
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Drink If…

“Drink If…” is a fantastic drinking game that keeps everyone entertained throughout the party. Write down various entertaining scenarios or actions on cards, such as “Drink if you’ve ever sung karaoke,” “Drink if you’ve traveled solo,” or “Drink if you’ve ever danced on a table.” Guests read the statements aloud, and anyone who can relate takes a sip of their drink. The game gets livelier as the night progresses.

Cheers with cocktail
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Musical Cheers

Turn the simple act of toasting into a lively game called Musical Cheers. Prepare a playlist with a variety of songs and play short snippets randomly. When the music stops, guests must raise their glasses and cheer. You can make it even more entertaining by incorporating specific rules like cheering with an accent, using a funny toast phrase, or clinking glasses with a new person each round.

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The Great Mix-Off

Challenge your guests’ creativity and taste buds with The Great Mix-Off. Provide an array of cocktail ingredients and accessories, including various spirits, fruits, mixers, and garnishes. Guests must compete to create the most delicious and visually stunning cocktail within a limited time frame.

A panel of judges or the partygoers themselves can rate the drinks based on taste, presentation, and originality. The winner receives a “Mix-Off Champion” trophy and everlasting glory.

Beer Pong
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​Beer Pong

The obvious one is playing with plastic cups and ping-pong balls! Known as a simple game Beer Pong is at the bottom of the list of cocktail party games because I wanted to keep things fresh. Don’t get me wrong I’m always up to a good game of BP but it’s more a guy thing than a cocktail thing.

Not sure what new beer to bring to your next party? Check out my article about Korean beers.

Incredibly Fun Printable Games for All Occasions~

Wine Trivia

Picnic Games: Wine Trivia

Shoot The Boot

Shoot the Boot Drinking Game

Shaken and Stirred Cocktail Trivia

Foods & Drinks Games: Cocktail Trivia
Lie To Me Adult Game

More Fun Cocktail Party Games

Two Truths and a Lie

This classic icebreaker game involves guests taking turns sharing three statements about themselves—two truths and one lie. The rest of the group must guess which statement is false. It’s a great way to learn interesting facts about each other and discover unexpected truths. Not sure where to start? Check this site out for help…

Photo by Oscar Ivan Esquivel Arteaga on Unsplash

Drunk Jenga

Transform the classic Jenga game into a tipsy challenge by writing fun and outrageous drinking tasks on each Jenga block. As players pull out blocks, they must complete the corresponding challenge, making the tower more precarious and the laughs more frequent as the night progresses.  

Have you heard of Giant Jenga? Awesome stuff…check it out…

Naughty Pictionary

For a more adult-oriented version of Pictionary, replace the family-friendly words with risqué or suggestive phrases. This game is sure to bring out the laughter and embarrassment in equal measure as guests try to draw and guess the cheeky illustrations.

Flaviar Whisky Club

Never Have I Ever

Gather in a circle, and take turns making “Never Have I Ever” statements, starting with “Never have I ever…” Anyone who has done the mentioned activity takes a drink. This game can lead to some hilarious and revealing confessions.

Empty Corona Bottle
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Spin the Bottle

Revive this classic party game with an adult twist. Guests take turns spinning the bottle, and whoever it points to must complete a fun and flirty dare or answer a revealing question.

boys and girls sign
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Battle of the Sexes Trivia

Divide guests into two teams based on gender and host a trivia showdown. The questions can cover a wide range of topics, and the winning team gets bragging rights.

Mixology Memory Game

Set up a table with various cocktail ingredients, spirits, and mixers. Let guests take turns selecting two ingredients at a time, trying to make a matching cocktail. If they successfully pair ingredients, they can enjoy the drink they’ve created.

vinyl records
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Name That Tune – Drinking Edition

Play short snippets of songs, and guests must try to identify the song and its artist. The catch is that for each correct guess, they can choose a person who takes a sip of their drink.

funny beer glass
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Blind Taste Test

Prepare a blind taste test challenge with various types of spirits, wines, or craft beers. Guests must guess the brand or type based on taste alone. It’s a fun way to test your guests’ beverage knowledge and palate.

Simply…Have Fun~

Remember to consider your guests’ preferences and comfort levels when selecting games. Adult games can be fun and playful, but it’s essential to ensure everyone feels included and respected during the festivities. With the right mix of games, your cocktail party is bound to be a hit and leave lasting memories for all in attendance. 

Cocktail parties for adults are more than just drinks and conversations; they are opportunities to indulge in laughter, camaraderie, and shared experiences. Incorporating fun party games into your event will undoubtedly make it memorable and enjoyable for all attendees.

Last Call!
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Final Round!

Flaviar Banner

Whether you opt for mixology challenges, hilarious charades, or interactive bingo, these cocktail party games will break the ice and set the stage for an evening of laughter, fun, and maybe a few blackouts. So, why not try some great game ideas at your next cocktail party? Cheers to a great time with your favorite games.

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All you need is some general knowledge and plenty of friendly competition to make the whole party have a good time!!

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