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Are you ready to put your knowledge to the test with this famous couples trivia? In this fun quiz, I will challenge your memory and see how well you know the iconic duos from history, literature, and pop culture. Get ready to match the names and faces of some of the most beloved couples of all time.

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General Famous Couples Trivia

Let’s start with some general celebrity marriage trivia. These questions will test your knowledge of famous couples from the entertainment industry. Can you guess who walked down the aisle together?

  1. Question: Who did Jessica Simpson marry in 2002? Answer Key: Nick Lachey
  2. Question: Diane Lane married which actor in 2004? Answer: Josh Brolin
  3. Question: Which former Mrs. Michael Jackson married musician Michael Lockwood in 2006? Answer: Lisa Marie-Presley
  4. Question: Which singer married Nick Cannon in 2008? Answer: Mariah Carey
  5. Question: Who did Heidi Montag marry in 2009? Answer: Spencer Pratt

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Musician Marriages Trivia

Now, let’s go down memory lane and test your knowledge of musician marriages. These questions will challenge your memory of famous couples in the music industry. Can you match the musician to their spouse?

  1. Question: Nicole Appleton married which former Oasis frontman in 2008? Answer: Liam Gallagher
  2. Question: Which daughter of musician Bob Geldof married Max Drummey in 2008? Answer: Peaches
  3. Question: Gene Simmons finally married who in 2011? Answer: Shannon Tweed
  4. Question: Carla Bruni married which French president in 2008? Answer: Nicolas Sarkozy
  5. Question: Lisa Marie Presley used to be married to which movie star? Answer: Nicolas Cage
  6. Question: Adam Shulman married which actress in 2012? Answer: Anne Hathaway
  7. Question: Yoko Ono famous for being married to John Lennon, was also married to which film producer before meeting John. Answer: Anthony Cox
  8. Question: In which year did director Guy Ritchie marry Madonna? Answer: 2000
  9. Question: Tattoo artist Scott Campbell married which actress in 2013? Answer: Lake Bell

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Famous Couples Trivia Game

Next, let’s dig into famous celebrity marriage trivia. These questions will test your knowledge of iconic couples from movies, television, and other areas of pop culture. Can you match the names of these famous couples?

  1. Question: Patricia Arquette married which ‘Punisher’ star in 2006? Answer: Thomas Jane
  2. Question: Megan Mullally is married to which ‘Parks and Recreation’ star? Answer: Nick Offerman
  3. Question: Lauren Parsekian married which TV star in 2013? Answer: Aaron Paul
  4. Question: Brooke Allen married which ‘Two and a Half Men’ star in 2008? Answer: Charlie Sheen
  5. Question: Who did Justin Timberlake date in 1999? Answer: Britney Spears
  6. Question: Which Miramax co-founder and producer married Georgina Chapman in 2007? Answer: Harvey Weinstein
  7. Question: Who did actress Anna Faris marry in 2009? Answer: Chris Pratt
  8. Question: How many times has actor Tom Hanks been married as of 2024? Answer: Two
  9. Question: How many times has director Steven Spielberg been married as of 2024? Answer: Two
  10. Question: Who did Donnie Wahlberg marry in 2014? Answer: Jenny McCarthy

More Quiz Celebrity Couples Questions

Let’s move on to more marriages trivia. These questions will test your knowledge of famous couples in the world of politics. Can you match the names of these political power couples?

  1. Question: Who did Kate Middleton marry in 2011? Answer: Prince William
  2. Question: Which daughter of President George W. Bush married Henry Hager in 2008? Answer: Jenna
  3. Question: Maria Shriver used to be married to which action movie star? Answer: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Actor & Actress Marriages Trivia

Now, let’s test your knowledge of actor and actress marriages. These questions will challenge your memory of famous couples from the world of entertainment. Can you match the actor or actress to their spouse?

  1. Question: Hugh Dancy married which co-star from the movie ‘Evening’ in 2009? Answer: Claire Danes
  2. Question: Actress Eva Amurri married Kyle Martino, who used to play which professional sport? Answer: Soccer
  3. Question: Which star of ‘The Mexican’ met her husband Danny Moder, who worked as a cameraman? Answer: Julia Roberts
  4. Question: Actress Amber Tamblyn married which comedian and actor in 2012? Answer: David Cross
  5. Question: Actor Eddie Cibrian married which country singer in 2011? Answer: LeAnn Rimes
  6. Question: Actress Roma Downey married which reality show producer in 2007? Answer: Mark Burnett
  7. Question: Actor Omar Epps married Keisha Spivey, who was a member of which R&B group? Answer: Total
  8. Question: ‘True Blood’ and ‘Dexter’ star Courtney Ford married which superhero actor in 2007? Answer: Brandon Routh
  9. Question: Mary Elizabeth Ellis married which ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ co-star? Answer: Charlie Day
  10. Question: Renee Zellweger divorced which country singer in 2005? Answer: Kenny Chesney
  11. Question: How many times has Tommy Lee Jones been married as of 2017? Answer: Three
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Last Words…

Great game and congratulations on completing these quiz questions! How were the difficulty levels? How well did you do on this famous couples trivia? Who had the most correct answers? Did you get at least one trivia question right? Whether you aced it or learned something new, this quiz was a fun way to test your knowledge of iconic duos from various fields.

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Remember, legendary romance knows no boundaries, and these famous couples prove that true love can withstand the test of time, fame, and sometimes even tragedy. So, next time you watch a movie, listen to a song, or read a book, take a moment to appreciate the timeless love stories that have inspired generations.

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