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90s Trivia Items
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I chose this decade as it’s a perfect breeding ground for trivia-worthy questions and fun!

The 1990s stands as a vibrant era capturing a fusion of cultural revolutions, the evolution of tech, and unforgettable moments across various areas. It was a decade marked by the rise of iconic music and groundbreaking events in the world of entertainment and news

In the early 1990s I was a pimpled-faced teen listening to the Billboard Hot 40 every Saturday with Casey Kasem. I was a huge fan of the 1992 USA Basketball Olympic Dream Team during the glory days of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.  

The one-hit wonder “I’m a Barbie Girl” by Aqua was played everywhere along with Britney Spears and mainstream Hip Hop. On top of that, everyone talked about Ally McBeal and the latest Sex and the City or Friends episodes. 

From the emergence of influential artists like Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) to pivotal political events and the World Wide Web, the 1990s served as a transformative period, shaping the way we perceive music, entertainment, and the world around us.

I’m sure you remember ‘burning’ CDs and drinking Old English malt liquor…Come on Dads, and follow me down memory lane to this dynamic decade.

90's retro

Awesome Trivia Questions!

1990s TV shows in the US

Trivia question: Which sitcom featured a group of friends living in New York City and aired in 1994?

  • Answer: “Friends”

Question: What was the name of the high school in the TV show “Beverly Hills, 90210”?

  • Answer: West Beverly Hills High School

Question: In “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” what is Will’s last name and where is he originally from?

  • Answer: Will’s last name is Smith, originally from West Philadelphia. I’m sure you remember the theme song well.

Question: Which animated TV series followed the adventures of four boys living in the fictional town of South Park, Colorado?

  • Answer: “South Park”

Question: What was the occupation of Dr. Frasier Crane in the sitcom “Frasier”?

  • Answer: Psychiatrist/radio show host

Question: What is the name of the coffee shop where the main characters frequently hang out in “Seinfeld”?

  • Answer: Monk’s Café

Question: Who played the role of Agent Fox Mulder in the science fiction series “The X-Files”?

  • Answer: David Duchovny

Question: Which TV show featured a group of teenagers solving mysteries in a town called Angel Grove?

  • Answer: “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”

Question: What was the name of the fictional town where “Dawson’s Creek” was set?

  • Answer: Capeside

Question: Who portrayed the character of Buffy Summers in the television series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”?

  • Answer: Sarah Michelle Gellar

90's trivia questions about super nintendo

Totally Radical Blast From The Past!

Trivia question: What iconic Nintendo video game console was released in 1991, featuring popular video games like Super Mario World?
  • Answer: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

Question: Who was the President of the United States during most of the 1990s?

  • Answer: Bill Clinton

Question: Which famous sitcom set in a bar in Boston aired its final episode in 1993 after an 11-season run?

  • Answer: “Cheers”

Question: Which film was nominated for seven  Academy Awards in 1994, depicting life in a penitentiary?

  • Answer: “The Shawshank Redemption”

  • 90’s Movies 

Question: Which movie won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1990, directed by Kevin Costner and set in South Dakota?

  • Answer: “Dances with Wolves”

Question: What is the name of the lawyer played by Tom Cruise in the legal thriller released in 1992, based on a novel by John Grisham?

  • Answer: Mitch McDeere (“The Firm”)

Question: Who played the role of Neo in the groundbreaking science fiction film released in 1999 that explored the concept of simulated reality?

  • Answer: Keanu Reeves (“The Matrix”)

Pulp Fiction 1990as

Don’t Have a Cow Man!

Question: Which movie directed by Quentin Tarantino was released in 1994, featuring hitmen Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield?

  • Answer: “Pulp Fiction”

Question: What was the title of the 1997 film where Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet starred as Jack and Rose aboard the ill-fated ship?

  • Answer: “Titanic”

Jurassic Park

Question: Who directed the 1993 film “Jurassic Park,” based on Michael Crichton’s novel about cloned dinosaurs?

  • Answer: Steven Spielberg

Question: Which 1991 film starred Jodie Foster as FBI trainee Clarice Starling and Anthony Hopkins as the cannibalistic serial killer Hannibal Lecter?

  • Answer: “The Silence of the Lambs”

Question: In the 1998 film “Saving Private Ryan,” who played the role of Captain John H. Miller, leading a squad to find and bring back Private James Francis Ryan?

  • Answer: Tom Hanks

Question: Which comedy film released in 1999 starred Mike Myers as a spy who loves shaggy hairstyles and was accompanied by his sidekick named Mini-Me?

  • Answer: “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me”

Question: Who directed the 1995 movie “Braveheart,” where Mel Gibson starred as the Scottish warrior William Wallace?

  • Answer: Mel Gibson

Question: What was the name of the 1996 action film featuring Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum as they fought to save Earth from an alien invasion?

  • Answer: “Independence Day”

Question: Who played the role of Andy Dufresne in the 1994 film “The Shawshank Redemption,” based on a Stephen King novella?

  • Answer: Tim Robbins


More Box Office Smashes

Trivia question: What was the title of the movie that followed the life of Forrest Gump, played by Tom Hanks, as he witnesses and influences historical events in America?

  • Answer: “Forrest Gump”

Question: Which 1997 film starred Nicolas Cage as an ex-con trying to prevent disasters after predicting them due to his ability to see the future?

  • Answer: “Face/Off”

Question: Who directed the 1999 film “The Sixth Sense,” starring Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment?

  • Answer: M. Night Shyamalan

Question: In the 1995 film “Clueless,” who played the lead role of Cher Horowitz, a wealthy high school student navigating life and love in Beverly Hills?

  • Answer: Alicia Silverstone

Question: Who directed the 1998 war film “The Thin Red Line,” which focused on the Battle of Guadalcanal during World War II?

  • Answer: Terrence Malick

Question: Which 1992 movie starred Whitney Houston as a superstar singer and Kevin Costner as her bodyguard?

  • Answer: “The Bodyguard”

Question: Who portrayed the character of Edward Scissorhands in the 1990 fantasy romance film directed by Tim Burton?

  • Answer: Johnny Depp

Bill Clinton

Significant Worldwide Headlines

Question: Who was the leader of the Soviet Union at the time of its dissolution in 1991?

  • Answer: Mikhail Gorbachev

Question: Which country gained independence from Yugoslavia in 1991 after a series of wars and conflicts?

  • Answer: Croatia

Question: In 1994, what were the landmark elections in South Africa that marked the end of apartheid and brought Nelson Mandela to power called?

  • Answer: The first democratic elections in South Africa

Question: Which European country experienced a devastating genocide in 1994 that resulted in the deaths of nearly a million people?

  • Answer: Rwanda

Question: In 1997, the United Kingdom handed over Hong Kong to which country, marking the end of British rule in the region?

  • Answer: China

Question: What event in 1998 led to the impeachment of President Bill Clinton by the United States House of Representatives?

  • Answer: The Monica Lewinsky scandal–remember that ‘stain’ on her dress? Classic…

Question: Which international treaty, aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, was signed in Kyoto, Japan, in 1997?

  • Answer: The Kyoto Protocol

Question: In 1999, which two countries engaged in a conflict known as the Kargil War over control of the Kashmir region?

  • Answer: India and Pakistan

Question: Who became elected president of Russia in 1991?

  • Answer: Boris Yeltsin

Man reading newspaper

Trivia Game Cont…

Trivia question: What international peace agreement, brokered in 1995, aimed to end the Bosnian War by dividing Bosnia and Herzegovina into two entities?

  • Answer: The Dayton Agreement

Question: Which country gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, becoming the last to do so?

  • Answer: Kazakhstan

Question: What conflict in the Balkans involved NATO airstrikes against Serbia in 1999?

  • Answer: The Kosovo War

Question: In 1996, a terrorist attack took place at the Atlanta Olympics, killing two and injuring many others. Who was falsely accused before the real perpetrator was identified?

  • Answer: Richard Jewell

Question: What agreement was signed in 1998 between the governments of the United Kingdom and Ireland, aiming to bring peace to Northern Ireland?

  • Answer: The Good Friday Agreement

Question: Which African country faced a severe famine in 1992, leading to widespread humanitarian aid efforts?

  • Answer: Somalia

Question: Which two countries signed the Oslo Accords in 1993, aiming to achieve peace in the Middle East?

  • Answer: Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)

Viva La Vida Loca!

Trivia question: What significant political figure was released from prison in 1990 after serving 27 years for his anti-apartheid activism?

  • Answer: Nelson Mandela

Question: In 1998, which country experienced a financial crisis that spread to other Asian countries, causing economic turmoil? 

  • Answer: Thailand

Old cassette tape

90s Music Trivia Questions

Question: What popular band’s lead singer tragically died in 1994, leading to the end of the group?

  • Answer: Nirvana (Kurt Cobain was the lead singer)

Question: Which pop sensation released the album “The Immaculate Collection” in 1990, featuring hits like “Vogue” and “Like a Prayer”?

  • Answer: Madonna

Question: What was the name of the boy band managed by Lou Pearlman, known for hits like “I Want It That Way” and “Everybody”?

  • Answer: Backstreet Boys

Question: Which rapper released the album “The Chronic” in 1992, becoming a significant figure in West Coast hip-hop?

  • Answer: Dr. Dre

Question: What was the title of Mariah Carey’s debut album, released in 1990?

  • Answer: “Mariah Carey”

Question: Which female artist released the album “Jagged Little Pill” in the mid 1990s, featuring the hit song “You Oughta Know”? She’s from my hometown, Ottawa, Canada.

  • Answer: Alanis Morissette

Question: Which rock band released the album “Automatic for the People” in 1992, featuring songs like “Everybody Hurts” and “Man on the Moon”?

  • Answer: R.E.M.

burned CDs

A Great Time to be Alive!

Trivia question: What was the name of the boy band that released the hit single “Step by Step” in 1990?

  • Answer: New Kids on the Block

Question: Which rap group released the influential album “(36 Chambers)” in 1993?

  • Answer: Wu-Tang Clan

Question: What song by Celine Dion was the theme for the 1997 blockbuster film “Titanic”?

  • Answer: “My Heart Will Go On”

Question: Which female singer scored a massive hit with their song “I Will Always Love You” in 1992, featured in the film “The Bodyguard”?

  • Answer: Whitney Houston

Question: What was the name of the artist behind the hit single “Ice Ice Baby” in 1990?

  • Answer: Vanilla Ice

Question: Which British band released the album “The Bends” in 1995, featuring songs like “Fake Plastic Trees” and “High and Dry”?

  • Answer: Radiohead

Question: What was the title of the Spice Girls’ debut album, released in 1996?

  • Answer: “Spice”

Question: Which rapper released the album “All Eyez on Me” in 1996 before his tragic death later that year?

  • Answer: Tupac Shakur

Question: What female artist won the Grammy for Best New Artist in 1991 and released the album “Luck of the Draw” in 1992?

  • Answer: Bonnie Raitt

1990's skateboard

Awesome Music!

Trivia question: Name of the 1990s boy band who released their debut single “Quit Playing Games (with My Heart)” in 1996?

  • Answer: Backstreet Boys

Question: What was the name of the rock band fronted by Eddie Vedder that released the album “Ten” in 1991?

  • Answer: Pearl Jam

Question: Which popular 1990s R&B group released the album “CrazySexyCool” in 1994, featuring hits like “Waterfalls” and “Creep”?

  • Answer: TLC

Question: What was the name of the artist behind the hit single “Smooth” featuring Rob Thomas in 1999?

  • Answer: Santana

  • 90s Trivia about Dead People

Question: Which iconic rock star frontman died of complications due to AIDS in 1991?

  • Answer: Freddie Mercury

Question: What legendary Hollywood actress, known for her roles in “Gone with the Wind” and “A Streetcar Named Desire,” passed away in 1993?

  • Answer: Audrey Hepburn

1990s rapper Snoop

Word to Yo Motha

Question: Who was the Nirvana frontman who was found dead in his home in Seattle in 1994?

  • Answer: Kurt Cobain

Question: Which president won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1994?

  • Answer: Yasser Arafat

Question: What influential rapper was fatally shot in a drive-by shooting in L.A. in 1997?

  • Answer: Chris Wallace aka The Notorious B.I.G.

Question: Who was the Princess who died in a car accident in 1997?

  • Answer: Princess Diana (Diana, Princess of Wales)

Question: What famous fashion designer, known for his avant-garde creations, tragically got murdered in 1997?

  • Answer: Gianni Versace

Question: Which influential American comedian and actor, known for his roles in 1993’s “Mrs. Doubtfire” died by suicide in 2014?

  • Answer: Robin Williams

Question: What talented comedian, recognized for his work in films like 1993’s “Groundhog Day” and the awesome 1980’s series “Ghostbusters,” died of cancer in 2014?

  • Answer: Harold Ramis

Question: What innovative Russian ballet dancer and choreographer, known for his work with the Ballets Russes, died in 1993?

  • Answer: Rudolf Nureyev

Question: What famous American mobster, serving a life sentence, was convicted of multiple murders in 1992?

  • Answer: John Gotti

More Major Events

  • August 2, 1990: Iraq invades Kuwait, leading to the Gulf War.January 16, 1991: Operation Desert Storm begins with airstrikes against Iraq.

  • April 29, 1992: Riots erupt in Los Angeles following the acquittal of police officers in the Rodney King beating trial.

  • November 3, 1992: Bill Clinton elected as the 42nd President of the United States.

  • February 26, 1993: A bomb explodes in the World Trade Center in New York City, killing six and injuring over a thousand people.

  • April 19, 1993: The Waco siege ends in a deadly fire, resulting in the deaths of Branch Davidians and their leader David Koresh.

  • April 24, 1995: The Oklahoma City bombing occurred at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, killing 168 people.

  • August 9, 1995: Netscape goes public, marking the beginning of the dot-com boom.

  • August 31, 1997: Princess Diana dies in a car crash in Paris, sparking worldwide mourning.

  • September 6, 1997: The funeral of Mother Teresa is held in Kolkata, India.

  • November 30, 1999: The Battle of Seattle erupts during protests against the World Trade Organization (WTO) meeting.

  • June 17, 1994: O. J. Simpson’s low-speed car chase captivates TV viewers, preceding his arrest on murder charges.

  • September 13, 1993: The Oslo Accords are signed, marking a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

  • April 22, 1994: The FDA approves the first genetically engineered food product, the Flavr Savr tomato.

  • November 17, 1997: Microsoft releases Windows 98, a major update to its operating system.

  • March 24, 1999: NATO airstrikes began against Yugoslavia, marking the start of the Kosovo War.

  • October 3, 1995: O.J. Simpson is acquitted of murder charges in the trial for the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

Awesome TV Dads

Trivia question: Which TV dad, portrayed by Bill Cosby, was a doctor and starred in the hit sitcom “The Cosby Show”?

  • Answer: Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable

Question: Who played the role of Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, a DIY enthusiast and father of three, in the sitcom “Home Improvement”?

  • Answer: Tim Allen

Question: Which father, portrayed by Alan Thicke, navigated the challenges of raising a blended family on the show “Growing Pains”?

  • Answer: Dr. Jason Seaver

Question: Who played the role of Al Bundy, the somewhat disgruntled father of two on the sitcom “Married… with Children”?

  • Answer: Ed O’Neill

Question: Which TV dad, portrayed by John Goodman, was the head of the Conner family on the sitcom “Roseanne”?

  • Answer: Dan Conner

Question: Who played the father, Philip Banks, a successful lawyer on the show “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”?

  • Answer: James Avery

Question: Which sitcom featured Tony Danza as a retired baseball player who becomes a live-in housekeeper, along with his daughter, for a divorced advertising executive?

  • Answer: “Who’s the Boss?”

Question: In the series “Full House,” which character served as the father figure to his three daughters alongside his brother-in-law and best friend?

  • Answer: Danny Tanner (played by Bob Saget)

Question: Who portrayed the father figure Jonathan Kent, raising the young Clark Kent on the show “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman”?

  • Answer: Eddie Jones

90’s Pop Culture Trivia for all the Dads out there!

Trivia question: Which TV dad, played by Reginald VelJohnson, was a police officer and the father of the Winslow family on “Family Matters”?

  • Answer: Carl Winslow

Question: Who was the father of the Matthews family and served as a mentor to his son Cory on the show “Boy Meets World”?

  • Answer: Alan Matthews (played by William Russ)

Question: In the sitcom “Step by Step,” who was the patriarch of the Lambert family?

  • Answer: Frank Lambert (played by Patrick Duffy)

Question: Which TV dad, portrayed by Paul Reiser, navigated the ups and downs of fatherhood in the series “Mad About You”?

  • Answer: Paul Buchman

Question: Who played the role of Mike Brady, the architect and father of three boys and three girls in “The Brady Bunch” movie franchise during the ’90s?

  • Answer: Gary Cole

Question: In the show “Blossom,” who was the father of the Russo family, a musician who became a stay-at-home dad after his wife’s departure?

  • Answer: Nick Russo (played by Ted Wass)

Little-known facts

 The estimation of the average viewership or peak viewership for some of the most popular TV shows during the 1990s 

  • “ER” – During its peak in the mid-’90s, “ER” averaged around 30-35 million viewers per episode.

  • “Seinfeld” – In its later seasons, “Seinfeld” averaged roughly 20-30 million viewers per episode.

  • “Friends” – Towards its later seasons, “Friends” had an average viewership of around 20-25 million viewers per episode.

  • “Home Improvement” – This sitcom maintained an average viewership of approximately 18-20 million viewers per episode.

  • “The X-Files” – At its height, “The X-Files” had around 15-20 million viewers per episode.

  • “The Simpsons” – During the ’90s, “The Simpsons” generally had an average of 10-15 million viewers per episode.

  • “60 Minutes” – As a news magazine program, “60 Minutes” often garnered between 15-20 million viewers per episode.

  • “Frasier” – This sitcom typically had an average viewership of approximately 15-20 million viewers per episode in its prime.

  • “Roseanne” – At its peak, “Roseanne” usually drew in around 20-25 million viewers per episode.

  • “Monday Night Football” – Depending on the game and teams playing, “Monday Night Football” often attracted between 15-20 million viewers per episode.

Sony Playstation

More General 90’s Trivia Fun!

Trivia question: What was the name of the virtual pet toy that became a craze in the ’90s, requiring constant care and attention?

  • Answer: Tamagotchi

Question: Which sitcom featured a character named Steve Urkel, known for his catchphrase “Did I do that?” whenever he caused mischief?

  • Answer: “Family Matters”

Question: What popular collectible toys in the 1990s were small, squishy, and often had distinct scents, like cherry or grape?

  • Answer: Squishy and scented stickers

Question: What was the name of the ’90s toy that involved trying to keep bouncing on a ball as long as possible using your body as balance?

  • Answer: Pogo ball

Question: What was the name of the popular ’90s snack consisting of cheese spread and small crackers shaped like sticks?

  • Answer: Dunkaroos

Question: Which popular ’90s video game console was often praised for its “blast processing” power in its marketing?

  • Answer: Sega Genesis

Question: Which ’90s cartoon featured a group of crime-fighting, pizza-loving turtles named after famous artists?

  • Answer: “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”

Adieu to the 90’s 

I’m sure you have so many memories I haven’t touched upon here. Feel free to leave comments on your favorites from the 90’s! From the rise of boy bands and girl groups to the revolution of grunge rock, and Gangsta rap, the decade was a melting pot of diverse musical genres.

As we reminisce about the ’90s, its impact on us as fathers and the world remains a testament to the enduring legacy of a decade that left an indelible mark on popular culture and society as a whole.

Yes…Yes… I know I missed a whole bunch of important stuff… Here’s a run of some of those things…

bart simpson

Here’s a Few More for Ya…

Boy Bands / Pop Divas/ Y2K Concerns / Damien Hirst / Jeff Koons / Banksy / Yayoi Kusama / Cindy Sherman / Julia Roberts / Pretty Woman/Leonardo DiCaprio / Sandra Bullock / Toy Story / Beanie Babies / Furby / Nintendo Game Boy / Polly Pocket /Lunchables / Surge soda / Fruit by the Foot / Gushers / Fads / Pogs / Beanie Baby Collecting / Pokémon cards / Rollerblading / The Simpsons /AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) / Dial-up Internet / Sony Walkman / CD Players / VHS tapes / Flannel shirts /

90s trivia PIN

Remember These?

Baggy jeans / Scrunchies / Platform shoes / Chokers / Kriss-Kross/ Bill Gates /Golden Eye 007 for NES / Sonic the Hedgehog / Final Fantasy VII / Crash Bandicoot / Body Glitter / Snap Bracelets / Lisa Frank / Butterfly Clips / Starter Jackets / Rugrats / Pokémon / Animaniacs / Beavis and Butt-Head / Powerpuff Girls / Michael Jordan’s retirement and return / Shaquille O’Neal / Dream Team (1992 Olympics) / Women’s soccer (1999 World Cup) / Macarena / Running Man / Cabbage Patch / Roger Rabbit / Ford Explorer / Honda Civic / Dodge Viper / Home Alone/Jeep Grand Cherokee / Toyota Camry / The Rachel haircut /Bel Biv Devoe/ The Humpty Dance/ and so much more!

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