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I remember the first day I brought my newborn baby boy back home from the hospital…I never drove so slow in my life. I also had my hazard lights on all the way home. Stress and joy all wrapped up in a nice little blanket, in the backseat.

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Newborn baby boy

One of the most amazing things that can occur in a parent’s life is having a child. But it’s also difficult. It’s hard work raising a newborn baby boy or girl. To nurture your boy till he reaches adulthood requires a lot of work and patience. Even though this might be fairly difficult at times, the benefits far outweigh any drawbacks. Here are some tips for excellent infant care:


I’m Daddy Simply… I don’t breastfeed anything…That was my wife’s job. Of course, I was present at times and I know some ins and outs, but I’m not going to lecture you on this, because hey, it’s a ‘dad blog’ we will keep ‘the breastfeeding’ to the mommies of the blog world.

But for obvious reasons, breast milk is recommended for the first year of a newborn baby’s life. This is to give the baby the optimum nutrition to grow and progress. Generally speaking, the newborn child should be breastfed about 8 to 10 times a day during the baby’s first few weeks.

As a parent, it is necessary that you know when your baby is getting the proper nourishment needed. Some indications that your baby is eating well are when he is having four or more wet diapers a day or having a bowel movement 3 times or more a day.


If your newborn baby spends most of its time napping, don’t be surprised. Infants frequently spend between 12 and 20 hours a day sleeping. The majority of experts recommend placing your infant to sleep on his or her back on a firm mattress.

Instead of utilizing a bedspread during cold weather, it is preferable to put your son in cozy pajamas to keep him warm. Check out this article about making your little one sleep asap!

Everything can be very confusing. Do not place the infant on his back, side, or stomach. We’ve heard a variety of things concerning baby sleeping positions throughout the years. Here is the scoop, at least from my perspective.

Babies used to frequently sleep on their stomachs years ago. And was there a valid reason for this? In comparison to any other posture, newborns sleep the most soundly on their stomachs. We all survived after being put to sleep on our stomachs, right? So…

Listen to the Doc!

But, it’s now 2023 we know a little more. Your baby’s risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) can be cut in half by having her sleep on her back or side. Therefore, the majority of pediatricians will advise that you always lay the infant to sleep on her back.

There was a time when doctors advised infants to sleep on their sides since doing so lowers their chance of SIDS as well as their risk of choking on vomit if they spit up (which, by the way, is rare). However, the majority of physicians today assert that the side or back is healthy. A newborn is quite difficult to maintain on his side unless you use a special sleeping pillow

Swaddling your baby or putting him on his side with a rolled-up blanket for support may help if your infant cries a lot when sleeping on his back. This is frequently sufficient to provide comfort for babies. We personally used Baby Bjorn newborn baby carriers, and they worked wonderfully!

To aid with muscle growth and to offer your newborn baby boy a fresh outlook on life, if he is sleeping on his back, make sure to give him some waking time on his stomach. Get a newborn baby carrier, your son will feel your heart, breathing, and your warmth. He’ll fall asleep like the proverbial ‘baby’.

Bowel Movements

It is simple to tell if your newborn baby is experiencing a bowel movement. His face goes red, he starts to weep, and he starts to move his legs, all of which are signs that he is starting to ‘poop’. Do not be shocked if this occurs frequently; it is common for newborn babies to pass large amounts of gas.

It is very normal for your breastfed baby to pass feces a few times per day. Conversely, infants who are fed formula do not pass feces as regularly. Call your baby’s doctor right away if you ever notice your child passing blood in their stool. You’ll need(eventually)some pointers for potty training read this article!

Dressing your newborn

Giving your infant the appropriate clothing is crucial. Be mindful that you should dress comfortably and appropriately. You should dress your kid in booties and knit caps during the winter. Layers of clothing are necessary for babies since they have trouble controlling their body temperature.

Many of my ‘dad’ readers are from all over the world, so booties and knit caps might not be a good idea if you’re parenting in hotter climates such as Indonesia or Mexico. These are simple examples.

Baby first day out

Taking your infant out can be enjoyable. You must, however, think about where and when you can take your infant. Just go on nice days, please. Keep your infant away from someone who has a cold or any other type of illness. Avoid direct sunlight as well because it can damage your baby’s skin.

Additionally, when your infant is just a few months old, refrain from bringing him or her to busy locations.

Again, newborn baby carriers are useful in this situation as you have complete control over who touches him, etc… If he’s in the stroller, strangers can easily come up to him and touch his cheeks. With the carrier, it seems more intimate and less open to others invading his privacy.

How to build a sleep routine

I’m a ‘sucker’ for routines. Who isn’t? But for newborn baby boys, it’s essential to start asap, for both him and you!

Newborn babies eventually need to learn how to sleep independently of their mothers and father. This change takes some time, and new parents can assist by helping their newborns develop healthy sleeping habits. Parents will also get more sleep if they help their infant develop appropriate sleeping patterns! I kept sleeping with my son until he was passed 5 years old.

I regret not giving him independence earlier, as he now wakes up in the night and asks for us to join him in bed with him. So, a lesson learned from me to you…start early.

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The transition period. Here are some tips, I personally used, that can be applied during this period.

Fathering Down

One technique is known as fathering down. Just before putting the baby into the bed, the father should cradle his baby so that the baby’s head lies on the father’s neck. The father should talk to his child gently, sing or hum. Babies are often soothed by a male voice because it is deeper than the female voice, and they may fall asleep more easily after hearing the father’s voice.

Although my voice ain’t anywhere near a Barry White depth, this technique often worked.

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Wearing Down with a sling

wearing Down

Another method is known as “wearing down.” If a baby has been active all day and is too agitated to fall asleep quickly, this method may be extremely beneficial. Place the infant in a sling or carrier, around 30 minutes before going to bed with him, during this time, simply go about with your chores.

Since the baby will be near to you and will be gently rocked by your movements, the transition from wakefulness to sleep will be less difficult for him. My personal favorite.

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Old Vespa

The Old Driving around the Block trick

If these techniques fail, you may want to try driving around in the car. I’ve done this too many times to remember. This is a method of last resort and involves putting the baby in the car and driving around for some time until the baby falls asleep. While this method is somewhat inconvenient, it is usually effective.

Of course, you don’t want to get into the habit of driving the baby around in the car every night! And you don’t want to always carry the baby in a sling before bed to encourage sleep. The idea is to use these techniques and slowly ease away from them. You should only use them during the major transition that your new baby experiences when he has never slept alone before.

The baby does not know how to handle the transition, so you must teach him how to go from being awake to being asleep. These transition techniques can gradually be eliminated as your son learns good bedtime habits, and both you and the baby can then have a good night’s sleep!

In conclusion, giving your newborn baby the necessary care is a joyful experience, not only are you able to directly cater to your child’s needs, but you also get to spend precious time with him. It’s uber-stressful, I know, but it gets easier, really it does. Remember they are only young once, enjoy it.


What are the top items for infant care?


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