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Hey there… I’m sure you’re here for good reason. I’m a French Canadian dad living and raising my son here in South Korea! We are a multilingual home and I’ve been steadily trying to introduce my mother tongue to my boy with French songs. You’ve surely heard about many of these already and so they are on the list for good reason. They’ve been a part of French culture for decades and surely will continue for years to come. 

Let’s talk about why French will be super cool in the future – especially from a dad’s perspective.

Imagine this: French-speaking Africa is on the rise, and that means French is getting even more awesome! According to several media outlets, French will surpass English and Mandarin as the most spoken language in the world by 2050

Picture your kid chatting away in French with friends from all over the world. How cool is that? Plus, it’s not just about talking, it’s about diving into a rich tapestry of cultures, cuisines, and traditions. French isn’t just a language; it’s a whole adventure waiting to happen.

Bonjour To French Songs For Kids

But hey, being a dad, I know it’s not just about being trendy. French is like a secret key that opens up a world of opportunities. From business deals to making friends while traveling, speaking French gives your kid that extra edge. And you know what’s even cooler?

It’s not just about them – it’s about us too! Learning together, exploring new phrases, and maybe even planning a family trip to a French-speaking country. Now that’s some quality bonding time!

Here’s my list of the TOP 20 French Songs for Kids. Each song title is followed by a brief description to highlight its relevance to learning French.

The funniest thing is that I remembered all the lyrics to many of these even though I hadn’t heard them in years…many many years. That’s how powerful some catchy songs are and they stay stuck in a young child’s mind. (I’m not young anymore)

The Eifel Tower

Frère Jacques (Brother Jack)

Au Clair de la Lune (By the Light of the Moon)

  • A timeless song, perfect for learning new language skills through the beautiful French language.

Gentille Alouette (Nice Lark)

  • A cheerful tune that helps children expand their vocabulary while having a great time.
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Une Souris Verte (A Green Mouse)

Le Furet (The Ferret)

  • A catchy song that engages kids with new vocabulary and is a great way to learn the French language.
Pont D'Avignon
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Sur le Pont d’Avignon (On the Bridge of Avignon)

  • This classic song teaches new words and phrases while capturing the essence of French culture. I went to visit The Bridge in question years back…Nice holiday.

Les Crocodiles (The Crocodiles)

  • An enjoyable song that helps kids learn French through repetition and catchy melodies.

Le Bon Roi Dagobert (Good King Dagobert)

Promenons-nous dans les Bois (Let’s Go for a Walk in the Woods)

  • A delightful song that introduces nature-related vocabulary in the context of a fun adventure.

Mon Beau Sapin (My Beautiful Fir Tree)

  • A holiday favorite that enhances language skills while celebrating the festive season in French.
Little Snail
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Petit Escargot (Little Snail)

Joyeux Anniversaire (Happy Birthday)

  • An essential song for celebrations, allowing kids to learn common phrases used during birthdays.

Douce Nuit (Silent Night)

Grand Cerf (Big Stag)

  • This song offers new vocabulary related to animals and nature, encouraging kids to learn in an enjoyable way.

La Joie (The Joy)

Genoux et Pieds (Knees and Feet)

  • A fun and interactive song that helps kids learn body parts and basic phrases in French. It’s the French version of ‘head, shoulders knees and toes.’

Au Cœur (At the Heart)

Au Bois (In the Woods)

Vous Dirai-je (Shall I Tell You)

  • A playful song that encourages curiosity and learning, incorporating new vocabulary in an engaging manner.

Edith Piaf (Famous French Singer)

  • An introduction to the iconic French singer Edith Piaf, inspiring kids to explore French music and culture. Her song “La Vie en Rose” is her most popular and made her famous.

A Bientot!

So, in a nutshell, why should we embrace French? It’s not just because it’s on the rise – it’s because it’s fun, it’s enriching, and it’s the ticket to a lifetime of amazing experiences. It’s not just a language; it’s a superpower that your kid (and you) can carry with pride. Get ready for a journey that’s not just about learning French – it’s about making memories and having a blast while doing it! Time to say bonjour to a world of endless adventures!

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