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Happy boy jumping
Happy boy!

Raising a son can be a parent’s greatest blessing and greatest challenge. When your son is a baby, his needs are constant and abundant. As he grows older, your son becomes less dependent on you and more independent. As he advances from infant to toddler to child, he becomes increasingly curious and independent. And as he enters adolescence, your son becomes a man who craves independence and self-reliance.

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how to create better habits with your son

If you’re a father or mother with a son, it’s almost impossible to avoid raising your boy in these stages, mentioned above. But that doesn’t mean you have to deal with them all in the same way either. Raising your son isn’t an exact science but rather an art form that requires patience and persistence. Here are 7 steps you can take right now to raise a happy and healthy son today:

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Healthy oatmeal hot or cold

Eat breakfast every day

Breakfast is a critical meal in children’s diets because it helps to increase their energy and concentration levels throughout the day. It also helps to improve their attentiveness, coordination, concentration, and memory. Moreover, a healthy breakfast is the best way to start the day for your child because it’s the first meal your child will consume that day that provides him with the energy that little guys need. Without the energy, your child might get fussy, irritable, hyperactive, or just sleepy. And when your child is sleepy or hyperactive, it’s very difficult to get him to focus on his tasks.

Some healthy breakfast options for fathers and sons include fruits, cereals, oatmeal(hot or cold), eggs, toast, and fruit smoothies. Make sure that you don’t substitute healthy breakfasts with cereals with artificial colors or sugary oatmeal. The healthy variations are natural foods that are easy to digest and provide your son with the nutrients that he needs to keep him super active as well as prevent a mid-morning sugar crash.

Don’t jump to conclusions

Always assume your son is innocent until proven guilty. Otherwise, you’ll assume the worst in him and end up alienating him from the very beginning. This can be damaging to his self-esteem and will leave him feeling like he has no one to trust. As such, you must assume your son is innocent until he does something wrong. When your son does something wrong, treat him like he’s innocent. If he’s been acting out, give him a chance to talk about what was going on. And if he needs help, give it to him. And make sure that you don’t ass/u/me the worst in your son and jump to conclusions. Don’t make an ASS of U and ME…

Aggresive boy.

Build your son’s self-esteem

The most important job you have as a parent is building your son’s self-esteem. And there are a few ways you can do this. – Be a constant role model. Be yourself. If you don’t change who you are to suit his personality to make him happy then he will grow up with healthy self-esteem. –

Be patient. Be understanding. Be kind. And be there for him when he needs you. Your son will learn how to value himself by watching how you treat yourself and others. – Apologize when you make a mistake or have been wrong or when you have done something that has hurt your son’s feelings. Your son will learn how to apologize and how to take responsibility as he grows up.

Teach your son how to respect others

The best way to teach your son how to respect others is to be respectful yourself. As a father, don’t make judgments about others based on how others look or what others do for a living. Even if you feel that a certain class, race, or occupation is beneath you, don’t let those thoughts and feelings come into your relationship with your son.

He won’t respect you or others if you do. Use good vocabulary and don’t swear, have arguments in front of your children, or do things that you wouldn’t want him to do. Your son might be a spitting image of his daddy…which image do you want him to have?

Be a role model yourself

As a parent, you have to be a role model for your son. You have to set an example of how to be a good person. And the best way to do this is to be the person you want your son to become. This means that you have to treat others with respect, no matter who they are or what they do for a living. You have to be a decent human being and treat others with kindness.

And you have to show your son that what you do in life is worth something. A good way to show your son the value of work is not to complain about your job and expand his knowledge of what a dollar does and what kind of time it took to earn that dollar.

He will think of you favorably if you show him how to earn money and provide for his family. This will help build his self-esteem as well. This is one of many examples of how to be a role model for your son. I’ll touch more on this in my future posts.

Make time for dates and activities together

As a father raising a son, you have to make time for dates and activities together. Play, play, and more play. This will help to build a stronger relationship between the two of you. It will also help to strengthen your son’s self-worth. You can use these dates and activities to teach your son important life skills.

These skills include learning how to treat nature with respect, bug hunting(don’t kill bugs), being prudent of his surroundings, interacting with strangers, and simply being active. This will help him build his confidence and independence by helping him become more than likely a well-rounded individual later in life and enjoy the simple things in life.

Don’t forget to jump in puddles when it rains and skip rocks at the local stream or beach.

Father and son near the beach
Enjoying daddy and son time.

Celebrate each milestone and help him reach it

One of the best things that you can do for your son as he grows older is to celebrate each milestone in his amazing life. This will help to boost your son’s overall well-being by helping him believe in himself and feel successful. There are many milestone celebrations that you can do.

These celebrations can include celebrating your son’s birthday, his first kiss, his graduation from school, getting his black belt in taekwondo or simply going potty alone. These celebrations can help to make your son feel special and loved. And these only come once in a lifetime…enjoy ’em.


Raising your son can be a challenge but it doesn’t have to be. You just need to follow these 7 steps and you’ll be well on your way to raising a happy and healthy prince. And don’t forget to be patient. And when you want to discipline your son, follow through with it. It’s also important that you set boundaries with him.

These boundaries will help to prevent your son from crossing a line with you and other people. And don’t forget, love him lots because he loves you like crazy.

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