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You’re not a bad father! Period!

Fatherhood is a critical role that comes with great responsibility. Unfortunately, many men struggle with the idea that they are a “bad dad.” This belief is often rooted in societal expectations and personal insecurities, which can impact their parenting skills and ultimately their relationship with their children.

In this blog post, we’ll explore why some men think they are bad dads and offer some tips for overcoming this belief. Basically, I want you all to know that you’re appreciated and loved by your family.

Note+ This post is about GREAT dads(like you) trying your damn best to balance everything in your lives without losing your mind. Props to you! This post is NOT for the shitty dads out there doing their worst part when they could be doing great things…

**If you KNOW you’re shitty for good reason, the first part of this post is not for you…but the bottom part is, read on. Plus I’ve compiled some bad dad quotes at the end of this article.

Societal Expectations

Men are often expected to provide for their families financially, and this can create a sense of pressure to work long hours and sacrifice time with their children. This pressure can lead to guilt and feelings of inadequacy, as they feel they are not spending enough quality time with their children. There are countless things that society expects from fathers working to make a living is a tiny part of these expectations. In today’s modern families the hardest thing to do is trying to ‘keep up’ with others. 

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Comparison to other Fathers

Don’t do it! Just don’t!! Social media and other forms of media can make it easy to compare oneself to other fathers who appear to be doing a better job. This can lead to feelings of inadequacy and can be discouraging for fathers who are struggling. I’m guilty of this too! We just need to control this…

Social media is bombarding your mind with bullshit pictures of smiley faces on a road trip somewhere you wanted to go. Yes, sure it’s nice and enviable but it’s not you. Do what you do best and keep going at it. Your kids love you! Forget the big houses, trucks, boats, and vacations you see your friends posting on social media. Lord knows I don’t pay attention. Stop scrolling down posts of fake faces posing for their ‘friends.’

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Lack of Support

Many men do not have a support system that understands the challenges of fatherhood, and this can lead to feelings of isolation and inadequacy. I know people in my life that struggle with this sense of isolation and lack of support from their spouses. It’s unfortunate~~ But there is help out there if you think your marriage could use some help.

Even for me, here in Korea, as a Canadian father with a Biracial child, it gets lonely at times. I’m happy that I have ex-pat dad friends that are great to talk to and a supportive wife.

Personal Insecurities

Many men have personal insecurities that can make them doubt their abilities as a father. This can be related to past experiences, mental health issues, or other factors that impact their confidence.

I’m no psychologist in any way shape or form, but seriously if you need help, get it. Don’t let it linger, it’ll affect your kids although you think you’re keeping it a ‘secret.’ It’s one of the saddest things in the world when real dads try to be the guiding light and the strength of the family unit but can’t make themselves happy. 

Tips to overcome the ‘Bad Dad’ belief

  • Prioritize quality time with your children: Spending quality time with your children can help you develop a strong bond and overcome feelings of inadequacy. Ask them what they feel like doing and let them make the plan for the day out, or the whole weekend. Watch that boring cartoon with them, make that fort made out of blankets, and bake those cookies you’ve been ignoring to make and bake. Simply do all the things they want and have fun.
  • Talk to other fathers: Building a support system of other fathers can help you feel less isolated and provide you with a sense of community. I use several dad groups on Facebook and they have a lot to offer. Check some out. Type in something that includes your situation: dads of daughters, dads in Ohio, single dads in NYC. There are hundreds of pages that cater to fathers and parenting.

Get Help and Talk!

  • Seek help: I’m not one to talk here but if you are struggling with personal insecurities or mental health issues, seeking professional help can be a great way to overcome these challenges. I’ve got readers from all over the world so you’ll have to do your research on where and who could help you in your area. Keep your head up!
  • Focus on the positive: Remember that no one is a perfect parent, and focusing on the positive aspects of your parenting can help you feel more confident. Write down 10 things you like about yourself, as a dad and as a man. You’ll be amazed at those things you take for granted. You’re fantastic! Need self-care?
  • Practice self-care: Taking care of yourself can help you be a better father. Make sure to prioritize your physical and mental health. Exercise! Do it now! Do it consistently. It’s the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself and your family.


There are a variety of reasons that some men believe they are not good enough parents; some of them are valid. Often when men struggle with a negative self-image, it can lead to self-doubt and shame about who they are as a father. To overcome this, men need to understand what has been written in this post. As well as knowing how to improve as a dad, husband, and leader.

That being said, men can still be successful fathers even if they think they are a bad dad. To be successful at being a good father, men need to have a realistic view of themselves, believe in themselves, and be willing to work towards becoming better parents and breaking habits that might need to be broken.

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Feel bad?

Why you probably DO suck at fathering

The Real ‘BAD DAD’ in our world

Being a bad dad can have devastating effects on your children. Unfortunately, there are many dads out there who don’t take their role seriously or who don’t know how to be good fathers.

long-lasting effects On your Kids

Emotional neglect

One of the most damaging things a father can do is to emotionally neglect their child. This means not providing emotional support, not listening to their child, and not showing love and affection. Children who grow up with emotionally neglectful fathers often struggle with their own emotions and have difficulty forming healthy relationships in the future.

Physical abuse

Sadly, some fathers physically abuse their children. This can range from spanking to hitting to more severe forms of abuse. Physical abuse can cause both physical and emotional trauma, and it can lead to long-term mental health issues. Come…on… It’s 2023 and kids are still being abused like this? It’s an all too common thing that happens all around us.

Verbal abuse

Verbal abuse is another form of abuse that bad dads use against their children. This includes yelling, name-calling, and belittling. Verbal abuse can have a significant impact on a child’s self-esteem, and it can lead to a lifetime of self-doubt and insecurity.


Some dads are absent from their children’s lives entirely. This can be due to a variety of reasons, including divorce, work, jail, or personal issues. Whatever the reason, an absent father can cause their child to feel abandoned, unloved, and alone. Children who grow up without a father figure often struggle with their identity and have difficulty forming healthy relationships in the future.

Setting a bad example

As a father, you are a role model for your children. If you engage in bad habits like smoking, drinking excessively, or using drugs, your children are likely to follow in your footsteps. Setting a bad example can lead to a lifetime of poor choices and bad habits. Yes, these are sometimes out of your control for whatever reason but if you’re looking to become a great father and tend to your child’s needs you must become a positive force in their lives. 

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Bad Father Jokes

  • “Why did the bad dad become an astronaut? Because he wanted some space from his responsibilities!”
    • “What do you call a dad who can’t make up his mind? An inde-father!”

Absent Fathers

  • A dad who’s always absent is like a book without its pages, leaving the story incomplete.”
    • “They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but a child’s heart yearns for a present father’s love.”

Irresponsible Fathers

  • “Being a dad is more than just a title; it’s about being there when it matters.”
    • “An irresponsible father leaves a trail of broken promises that their child must bear.”

Deadbeat Dad Quotes: The lowest form of life

  • “A deadbeat dad’s wallet might be empty, but the emotional void they leave is immeasurable.”
    • “Why do deadbeat dads refuse to pay child support? They don’t believe in a ‘balanced’ budget!”

Greedy Father

  • Greedy Father:”A greedy father hoards wealth while his child craves affection, leaving the heart impoverished.”
    • “A selfish dad’s love is like a closed wallet – hard to access and rarely shared.”

Toxic Father

  • Toxic Father”A toxic father’s words can poison the soul, leaving scars that last a lifetime.”
    • “Breaking free from a toxic dad’s grasp is like finding sunshine after enduring a never-ending storm.”

Step Dad: Blending Love and Family – Heartwarming and Funny Quotes

  • “Being a stepdad is like discovering an extra room in your heart that you never knew existed.”
    • “Stepdads are the unsung superheroes who choose to love and care without any capes.”

Dear Absent Father: A Letter of Unsent Words

  • “Dear absent father, your absence spoke louder than words ever could.”
    • “In the spaces you left, I found strength and resilience, becoming my own hero.”

Emotional Abuse

  • “Emotional abuse leaves scars unseen, but the strength to heal comes from within.”
    • “A father’s duty is to nurture, not to damage, his child’s sense of self-worth.”

Bad Guy Turned Good Dad

  • “Sometimes the baddest guy makes the best father; their past doesn’t define their future.”
    • “A man who once stumbled on the path of fatherhood can rise, rewrite his story, and become a role model.”
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A Dark Cloud

  • “A bad father is like a dark cloud that overshadows a child’s life, blocking the sunlight of love and support.”
  • “A bad dad may share DNA, but he fails to share the most crucial element – genuine care.”
  • “A bad father plants the seeds of doubt in his child’s heart, making it hard for them to trust anyone else.”
  • “Being a dad is not just about biological contribution; it’s about being present and emotionally invested.”
  • “A bad dad is like an unfinished puzzle, leaving gaps in a child’s heart that are difficult to fill.”
  • “Fatherhood is a privilege, but a bad father treats it like an inconvenience.”
  • “A bad dad puts his own desires above the needs of his children, losing sight of the precious gift he has been given.”
  • “A child’s first hero is often their dad, but a bad father shatters that illusion and leaves the child to rebuild their own heroism.”
  • “A bad dad’s words can cut deeper than any sword, leaving wounds that may never fully heal.”
  • “Fatherhood is not just about showing up physically; it’s about showing up emotionally and mentally.”
  • “A bad dad’s indifference is like a cold breeze in the warmth of a child’s heart.”

More Bad Dad Sayings

  • Being a father means leading by example, but a bad dad sets a negative one that leads to a difficult path.
  • A bad father’s absence echoes loudly in the moments that matter the most.
  • A child longs for their dad’s love and approval, but a bad father withholds it like a hidden treasure.
  • Fatherhood is not a part-time job; it’s a lifelong commitment.
  • A bad dad may claim to be strong, but his absence reveals his true weakness.
  • The impact of a bad dad’s actions can reverberate through generations, creating a cycle that’s hard to break.
  • A child’s heart is fragile, and a bad father’s neglect can shatter it into pieces.
  • Being a good dad means making sacrifices for your child’s happiness; a bad dad sacrifices their child’s happiness for their own convenience.
  • A bad father may think he is getting away with neglect, but his child silently bears the weight of his mistakes.

Daddy Duty!

  • A father’s duty is to nurture and protect, but a bad dad leaves his child vulnerable to life’s storms.
  • The absence of a father’s love can leave a void that nothing else can fill, a burden carried silently by the child.
  • A bad dad may be physically present, but his emotional absence is a void that cannot be ignored.
  • The wounds inflicted by a bad father run deep, affecting not just the child but generations to come.
  • A child’s heart is like clay, molded by a father’s love or lack thereof; a bad dad leaves it unshaped and fragile.
  • Being a father is a privilege, but a bad dad treats it as a burden to bear.
  • A bad dad’s legacy is etched in the heart of his child, shaping their view of the world and themselves.
  • A father’s love is the foundation of a child’s confidence, but a bad dad lays a cracked and unstable base.
  • A bad dad’s indifference echoes louder than words, haunting a child throughout their life.
  • Fatherhood is an opportunity to be a guiding light, but a bad dad casts shadows of doubt and fear.

Last Thing…

The effects of bad parenting can be long-lasting and damaging. Children who grow up with bad dads and deadbeat fathers often struggle with their mental health, relationships, and overall sense of self-worth. I’ve seen this with my own two eyes in Korea and my home country of Canada.

As a father, it’s essential to take your role seriously. It’s the most important thing! You must do everything you can to be a positive influence in your child’s life. If you’re struggling with your parental responsibility, there are resources available. Bad mothers exist just like bad dads do. One of the greatest challenges you will ever face, as a real man, is to provide a father’s protection for your own child.

Do your best because they are only young once!

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