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Best Animated Series for Boys

No Peppa Pig here sorry…move along…

South Korean films are well-known all over the globe…even when they are in the Korean language…from Squid Games, Parasite, and Minari to the Zombie film Seoul Station. But not many know much about the fantastic world of kids’ Korean shows. 

Korean animation has come a long way in recent years, with Korean animation studios producing high-quality cartoons that captivate audiences both domestically and internationally.  Their animation style is unique and most of all very appealing to young children…and big ones too(Like me)

In this blog article, I’ll take a closer look at the top Korean cartoons, discussing their unique plots, interesting characters, and captivating art styles. I’ll also introduce some new and not-so-new Korean cartoons all available on Youtube and Netflix. I’ve linked to each of their YouTube channels.

I’ve simply put the coolest animation series that I’ve enjoyed with my son for the past few years here. I have a boy…I don’t have a girl. Some of these are geared mostly toward boys but girls might also like them. Enjoy! Sit down with them and have fun it’s a great way to bond with your little one.

Popular Korean Cartoons

I’ve seen most of these several times over. Most are quite fun. It all depends on the age of your son.

  1. Pororo the Little Penguin – Great for a younger audience, this is a children’s show about a little penguin named Pororo and his adventures with his animal friends. The show is known for its educational content and has become popular both in Korea and abroad.
    This one is still fun to watch, but at 6 years old, my son aims for something else when flipping through the channels. These cute Korean cartoon characters can be seen all over this country from milk boxes to breads…everywhere.
  2. Tayo the Little Bus: Another popular Korean cartoon for kids, Tayo the Little Bus is about a group of animated buses who live and work in a bustling city. It teaches kids about road safety, teamwork, and friendship. Same as Pororo, fun for younger ones. 
  3. Robocar Poli: This Korean cartoon is about a group of rescue vehicles that work together to help people in danger. It teaches kids about safety, teamwork, and problem-solving—always fun but a little on the young side too. 
  4. Super Wings: This is a Korean cartoon about a group of airplanes that travel around the world to deliver packages to children. It teaches kids about different cultures and countries, as well as problem-solving and teamwork. This one shows the world to your kids. From Zambia to Australia, Super Wings travel all over the place. Quite cool.
  5. Pucca: Although not a recent show, Pucca is a popular Korean cartoon that follows the adventures of a young girl who is in love with a ninja. It is a fun and entertaining show for kids, with lots of action and humor. I never really watched this one. It’s super popular here.  But this cartoon is simply ‘not our cup of tea.’
Hello Carbot

Most Popular Animated Shows

  1. Robot Taekwon V– This classic Korean cartoon from the 1970s is about a giant robot named Taekwon V who fights evil forces to save the world. The show is known for its action-packed scenes and memorable characters.                                                                                                                                                                                                    I’ve tried to watch this with my son, but it’s old and he was not into it. I’ve tried to show him old cartoons like Garfield and He-man, but the colors are not bright nor engaging like the newer cartoons. 
  2. Hello Carbot – This Korean animated series is about a group of giant robots who can transform into cars and work together to fight evil forces. The show is popular with children for its fun characters and exciting action scenes. My son loves these toys as well. Very fun!
  3. Larva: This Korean cartoon follows the comedic adventures of two worms who live in a city sewer. It is a fun show for kids with lots of slapstick humor. A must-see! Hilarious fart scenes too!
  4. MiniForce: This Korean cartoon is about a group of animals who can transform into superheroes to protect the world from evil forces. It teaches kids about bravery, teamwork, and responsibility.
  5. Turning Mecard: This Korean cartoon is about a group of cars that can transform into robots to battle evil forces. It teaches kids about courage, determination, and teamwork.
  6. Tobot: Galaxy Detectives: This is a new continuation of the popular Tobot Korean cartoon series. It follows the story of a group of robots who work together to solve mysteries and protect their city

MY favorite! Ok.I’m a 45-year-old boy all over again with this one!…

Maca and Roni Korean Cartoon

Maca & Roni 

One of the best Korean Cartoons to watch now! I know all the episodes by heart…These guys right here will make your day! The main characters are hilarious!

The show made its debut in 2021 and it’s produced by  CJ ENM.  It revolves around the various adventures of a cat named Maca and a penguin named Roni who are assistants to Dr. Albert. Their inquisitive nature leads them to sneak into Dr. Albert’s machines, resulting in a series of troublesome and sometimes dangerous situations. 

Along with Maca and Roni, numerous other amusing characters such as Albago, Pizza Delivery Man, and more aid or impede their escapades. Additional information about the series can be found at Maca & Roni Information. The interesting thing is that, like Larva, there’s no spoken language, so anyone can relate to their shenanigans.

++Update… My son has been hooked on The Tales of Ladybug & Cat. Yes, not really a boy’s cartoon but it’s super popular right now…

Have a Good Time

The Korean animation industry continues to impress and innovate, producing captivating cartoons that delight young audiences worldwide. Keep an eye on these top Korean cartoons of 2023-2024, as well as the new series debuting during this time, to experience the best that Korean studios and their animation have to offer.

I’ve seen so many cartoons here that I sometimes forget what the human world looks like. You probably have noticed that I did not mention the PinkFong brand or Baby Shark etc…I wanted to let my readers know about all the best cartoons from South Korea we watch here daily and to make it available to you all. Keep having fun and let the good times roll! They are only young once!

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